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Second fake prescription caught at Salem

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Gassville woman, married to a man who was recently charged with falsely obtaining narcotics, is facing the same charges after she used a fake prescription at Baker's Pharmacy in Salem April 11.

Elyssa K. Turner, 22, of Gassville was arrested in connection with illegally possessing a narcotic, an unclassified felony, April 23, according to Salem Police Chief Albert Roork.

Pharmacist Scott Baker, owner of Baker's Pharmacy, told authorities Turner came to his pharmacy around 5:30 p.m. on April 11.

Turner presented Baker with a prescription belonging to Billy Hefley for 120, 30mg Oxycodones, Roork said.

Baker filled the prescription, but he became suspicious and wrote down the license number when he noticed that the woman's vehicle pulled out of the business parking lot from around the side of the building, Roork said.

Baker turned the information over to Fulton County authorities who discovered the vehicle was registered to 23-year-old Eric Turner.

Eric Turner was arrested Feb. 12 after Pharmacist Tim Leslie reported Eric Turner had used a fake prescription in attempt to get the same narcotic his wife purchased at Baker's Pharmacy April 11 -- 120, 30mg oxycodone.

When this information was discovered, Baker contacted the physician on Turner's scrip, Jeffrey Hull M.D. with Ozarks ENT Associates in West Plains, MO., Roork said.

Hull confirmed the suspicions; the prescription was a fake, and they had no patient by the name Billy Hefley, he said.

Elysse Turner was released after posting bond the day of her arrest.

In other sheriff's department activities, a Fulton County woman is facing felony chages after she was arrested in connection with a shooting at a residence in Wheeling April 22.

Glenda Pitchford, 51, of Salem was arrested for aggravated assault, a class D felony.

There are few details as to the cause of the shooting, but Fulton County Deputy Terry Walker said Pitchford and her neighbor Kathy Burch were in an argument.

After speaking with Burch at her residence, Pitchford went to her home and returned with a .22-semi automatic rifle, Walker said.

He said Pitchford allegedly fired the weapon toward the Burch residence, striking a tire on the Burch's vehicle.

Burch called authorities while her husband, Darrell Burch, managed to get the rifle away from Pitchford.

Pitchford was arrested and transported to the women's unit at the Izard County Detention Facility.

She has since been released after posting a $2,500 bond.

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