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Boldly Going Nowhere

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marilyn Monroe -- The Sequel

"Our present life is only one of many such lives which we enter from the other more real life." Leo Tolstoy

Dr. Adrian Finkelstein has taught psychiatry at UCLA and enjoys physician privileges at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He specializes in past-life regression therapy, the process of regressing a patient (under hypnosis) into a past life as a way to deal with current problems, and has worked on over 4,000 cases.

Sherrie Lea Laird is a singer in a band called Pandamonia. At age 11, she was wondering about the beauty mark above her lip (similar to Marilyn Monroe) when her aunt began singing, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." When asked, her aunt told her the song was sung by Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.

"It was just like an explosion in my mind," Laird said. Even though she didn't even know what Marilyn Monroe looked like, she began having dreams and flashbacks about Monroe. Afraid to tell anyone about it, including her mother and boyfriend, she spiraled into alcohol and drugs, and even spent some time in a psychiatric ward.

In 1998, Laird discovered Dr. Finkelstein's website and e-mailed him concerning her repressed feelings about being possessed by another person. Laird and Finkelstein then spent the next year in continual contact with one other. Eventually, Laird came to believe she was the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Laird had been experiencing chest pains. Finkelstein diagnosed it as a result of reliving Monroe's death.

However, Laird cut off contact with Finkelstein to continue her singing career. She later explained that her fellow band members were concerned her association with Marilyn Monroe would hurt the band's credibility.

It's hard to believe that a rock band named Pandamonia had any credibility in the first place, but so be it.

In 2005, Laird re-established contact whereupon Finkelstein traveled to Toronto on two separate occasions to help Laird deal with her demons. Under hypnosis, Laird revealed a multitude of things about Marilyn Monroe, many of which could not have been known by anyone except those close to Monroe or by Marilyn herself.

"The more evidence I gathered the harder it was to disbelieve." Finkelstein said. "Not only are there physical similarities between Sherrie and Marilyn, the details she was able to provide were just phenomenal."

Under hypnosis, Laird (in Marilyn Monroe's voice) revealed she had had an affair with both John and Bobby Kennedy. Her relationship with JFK started in 1954 and ended two months before her death. Her true love was former husband Arthur Miller and she admitted that former husband, Joe DiMaggio, was boring and jealous. She also claimed to have had an affair with Tony Curtis, which was publicly acknowledged by Curtis at a later date.

In a session on Nov. 11, 2005, Laird stated she had taken an overdose of drugs and had not been murdered.

Laird was born 11 months after Monroe died. Coincidentally, Laird's mother had suffered a miscarriage just two months before she became pregnant with Sherrie. Laird believes she had also been the miscarried child.

Under hypnosis, Laird's 20-year-old daughter, Kezia, surprisingly declared that she was the reincarnation of Monroe's mother, Gladys. Coincidentally, Kezia had been conceived within days of Monroe's mother's death.

Sherrie is a singer -- Monroe played a singer named Cherie in the movie Bus Stop. They each had an Aunt Anne, have similar bone structures and mannerisms, share the same astrological moon nodes, and so on.

Finkelstein has written a book on this subject titled "Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of the Soul."

Even though a majority of the Earth's population believes in reincarnation (Buddhists, Hindus, Kabbalists, Gnostics, Jewish tradition, Mystical Christianity, Native Americans, Ancient Greeks, etc.), there are still some skeptics (crackpots) who dismiss it. Apparently, some people just can't face going through third grade again.

"If you're not aware of the law of Die and Be Again, you're merely a vague guest on a dark earth." Goethe

Reincarnation is a wonderful thing -- it gives you a chance to make up for all the stupid things you did the last time around. Unfortunately, history tends to repeat itself, and most people continue to do the same dumb things.

I had a somewhat unusual past life during the Civil War. I was the guy in charge of General Lee's latrine.

* * *

Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. He can be contacted at bret@centurytel.net.