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Building will be replaced at Thayer

Thursday, December 21, 2006

THAYER -- The city of Thayer will have a new electrical department building. The Thayer City Council voted at their Dec. 12 meeting to accept a bid from Bobby Ryan for $3,800 to construct the building that will be located in the Thayer Industrial Park.

Bids were taken by the city on the electrical building project and were opened at the November council meeting. Also submitting bids were James Pace Construction ($10,000) and Elmer Russell ($8,340). No action was taken regarding the bids at the November meeting.

When Thayer City Clerk Rosie Simpson gave her end-of-the-year budget report at last week's council meeting she included a safety inspection by Matthew Broderson with MIRMA, the city's insurance provider.

Simpson said one of Broderson's main concerns was the city's electrical department building.

"Some of the areas he touched on included: the old wiring in the building needs to be placed in conduit; the roof leaks, water from the roof is leaking in the buildings electrical box; no hand rails on the building; the bathroom floor in the building is unsafe; and the old wiring and electrical boxes in the building that are not currently being used need to be removed," she said.

Simpson said that unless Broderson's suggestions are met the city's insurance will increase.

"The MIRMA representative will be back in January to evaluate the city and make his final decision," Simpson said.

Thayer Mayor Allen Deckard said, "We put him (Broderson) off last year about the electrical department improvements, but he is not going to be put off now. If we don't comply with his suggestions our insurance is going to rise."

The city's insurance has been been with MIRMA for over three years. Simpson said that in the first year with MIRMA, the city paid $57,563 for insurance. "Last year we paid just over $38,000," she said. "The city has been able to lower their insurance by following suggestions made by the insurance provider," she added.

The city had purchased metal for a new electrical building two years ago when the council voted to build a new building instead of repairing the old building.

Other city business in Simpson's end-of-the-year report included the Sherwood Park pavilion roof project, which came in under budget at $2,592. The new roof was budgeted at $2,700.

Simpson reported that the ditch project on Sunset Street came in above budget and had been completed at a cost of $6,340. Simpson said the ditch project had initially been projected at $1,800 and would have involved placing a tin horn in the ditch. Another quote of $1,100 was for concrete to fix the ditch drainage problem on the street.

Two new ordinances were read by name -- the careful driving ordinance and the where to drive on the roads in the city ordinance. Both were voted on and passed unanimously by the council.

The municipal court clerk said during the month of November the court collected $5,194.

The mayor opened bids on a 1968 Chevrolet firetruck the city is selling. Three bids were opened. They were from Norman Todd for $100, Tim Garrison for $425 and Kevin Steed for $551, which the council accepted.

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