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Tiny hummers

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Hummingbird: Jeanne Foster holds the tiny bird she nursed back to health.
How close can you get to a hummingbird? One Union resident can tell you.

This past August, Jeanne Foster found an injured hummingbird lying on her porch.

"It (the hummingbird) was almost zombie-like. It didn't flinch when I came up to it, so I just picked it up," Foster said. "I couldn't believe that it was letting me hold it."

Foster spent that rest of that day and night caring for the minute bird. Every hour she would take the bird to the feeders that hung along the awning of her front porch and feed it.

"I would just poke its little beak in the bottles and let it eat until it gained enough strength," said Foster. "I was happy to see that it was able to fly away the next day."

After years of moving throughout the country following her husband's construction business, Jeanne and her husband, Robert C. Foster, settled in Union. It was here that she developed an interest in the tiny birds.

Over the 12 years Foster has put out bottle feeders, she has accumulated a flock of over 40 hummingbirds that come every year and spend from mid March through the end of September buzzing around her porch.

"I've learned a lot about them. They're sure persnickety little things," Foster said.

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