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Drugs found at welfare check

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

An Izard County woman is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges and her children are being cared for by the Department of Human Services after authorities found various controlled substances and drug paraphernalia in her residence while on a routine welfare check April 27.

Chasity D. Fader, 30, of Melbourne was arrested after Izard county officers located several narcotics, marijuana and another powder-like substance thought to be an illegal drug, according to Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence and Arkansas Drug Task Force Officer Jimmy Carter.

April 27 around 3 p.m., Amanda Miller with the Department of Human Services asked Carter and Izard County deputies Matthew Churchwell and Gabriel Sanders to assist her while conducting a welfare check at Fader's residence, Carter said.

When the officers went to the home, he said it was clear people were inside the residence; however, it took repeated knocks and a lot of time before Fader answered the door in what appeared to be a drug induced state.

As they entered the residence, Miller began talking with Fader and asked her if she was alone. Fader assured authorities her friend Jessica Orr was the only other person with her, Carter said.

While walking through the house, the officers saw a prescription pill bottle containing two different pills, a spice grinder, a package of rolling papers and a pair of hemostats with a burnt residue all sitting on a coffee table in plain view, he said. They entered one room and found a 19-year-old male asleep on a bed. The officers then went into another room where they found a 29-year-old male asleep on a bed, Carter said.

After finding the two males, he said Miller began questioning Fader about why she had lied about the number of people in her home and the welfare information she was there to investigate.

While the two were talking, Carter said he watched as Fader began to fidget, repeatedly shuffling her feet. Sanders then noticed some small metal containers on the floor and realized she was trying to hide them under the couch, he said.

Carter said he looked through the tins; both were holding a green vegetable substance.

Fader wouldn't allow the officers to further search her home, so they arrested her for being under the influence and because pills were in plain view, Carter said.

After taking Fader into custody, the officers obtained a search warrant and began looking through the residence around 5 p.m.

The officers found numerous unidentified prescription pills, some Xanax pills, metal spoons coated with a white residue, needles and syringes, rolling papers, an assortment of smoking devices, a coffee grinder and in Fader's bedroom were two aluminum cans containing an off-white powder substance.

Throughout the search, Carter said he noticed that all the drugs and drug paraphernalia were in plain view and accessible to Fader's children and the house was an unfit living environment.

"The house was in a state of total filth and disarray. Dog feces was on the floor and on the beds," Lawrence said.

Fader was charged with possession of a controlled substance -- Xanax and use or possession with the intent to use drug paraphernalia, both class C felonies; and possession of a controlled substance -- marijuana and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, both class A misdemeanors.

Fader's children are currently in the custody of the Department of Human Services. She was released from the Izard County Detention Center after posting bond the day of her arrest.

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