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Asking for your vote

Thursday, November 2, 2006

MAMMOTH SPRING -- Mammoth Spring mayoral candidates Jean Pace and Darrel Dubois were both given questions by The South Missourian News concerning the office they are seeking.

Jean Pace returned the submitted questions, but candidate Darrel Dubois did not return the questions.

Following are the answers Jean Pace gave to the questions.

Why should you be elected?

My record of sound money management and successful grant writing speak for themselves. Our budget is very small, and without sound money management and obtaining grants Mammoth Spring would still be struggling to survive. I have written four to six successful grant proposals each year I have been in office, and by the end of this year I will have written eight, six of which have already been funded.

Successful grant efforts take searching for the grant funds which will meet a need and the guidelines for the grant, writing in a very good narrative to support your request because all grants are very competitive, so you must have a narrative which sells your need to the persons reading the grant.

Without this extra money Mammoth Spring would not have new sidewalks, a beautifully landscaped intersection which invites people to come into our city, the five globe lamps, an extra police officer, a child locator program, an upgraded police office, extra money each year for the fire department for equipment, a recycling protainer, chopper, leaf vacuum, tree trimming equipment and most recently a grant was funded for a new dump truck and police car, the public restrooms in the mini park, heating and air conditioning and a new roof for the historic building we use for a courthouse.

All of these have made our town more attractive and have allowed us to provide more services for our citizens.

What do you see as the most important responsibilities of this position?

The most important responsibilities of the mayor are to work with the city council and keep them informed, keep well trained employees who care about the citizens of the community and who strive to get better jobs and encourage them to get additional training and licenses required for their jobs, seek additional funding to supplement the budget, operate the city within the laws of the state and city ordinances, work with the chamber of commerce to promote the city and encourage tourism which is one of the leading industries, accept responsibilities with state appointments which lead to better working relationships with state and federal elected officials.

What would you do to improve or change the position or duties of the office that would best result in savings or benefits to the taxpayer?

State laws and city ordinances define the role of mayor. Other than those things, a mayor must be a partner with the city council, be creative and forward thinking, make long range plans, work with the budget and enhance this budget with grants and donations and encourage citizens to feel good about the community. Most of the banners on Main Street have been purchased with donations, as have the flowers in the intersection. Recently citizens purchased 100 bulbs to plant at the intersection. Without the support of the community, not a lot can or will happen.

The savings and benefits to the taxpayers result when city funds are spent within the state's budget laws and the money is well managed and extended through the procurement of grants and donations. During the past few years we have improved the water and wastewater systems without raising rates and all of this is a result of good money management and employees who took care of these systems which resulted in a few major repairs.

I have enjoyed the challenge of being mayor. The daily challenges of balancing a small budget, finding additional money, seeking employees who, like I do, think that the city can be one of the cleanest, prettiest small towns in our area, working with the organizations who sponsor festivals, parades and other events, promoting tourism, seeking new businesses and knowing so many wonderful, dear people have made the job fun and personally rewarding.

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