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Voter ID Bill to become law in Aug.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Photo ID will be required in order to vote

MISSOURI -- The Voter ID Bill (SB 1014) will become law Aug. 28 in Missouri.

The law requires all voters to show photo identification before voting.

State Sen. Delbert Scott sponsored the bill which was passed May 4, in the final days of the General Assembly.

The law states there are four ways photo identification can be shown: a non-expired Missouri driver's license showing the name and photograph of the individual; a non-expired Missouri non-drivers license showing the name and photograph of the individual; a non-expired document issued by the United States or the state of Missouri containing the name and photograph of the individual; photographic identification without an expiration date that is issued to members of the Missouri National Guard, the United States armed forces or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

The law also states that voters with physical or mental disabilities, handicaps or sincerely held religious beliefs who do not have sufficient identification are exempt from the photo ID requirement if they can show an affidavit stating a sufficient reason. The law states these people may cast provisional ballots.

The law will not be in effect for the Aug. 8 primary in Oregon County but will be in effect for the general election Nov. 7

The legislation also removes the option for Missourians to vote a straight-party ticket by checking a single box instead of choosing candidates for each race on the ballot.

Before the vote on SB 1014, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, the chief elections officer in the state, stated that she opposed both the straight-ticket repeal and the photo ID requirement. She said the photo ID requirement could disenfranchise thousands of voters and the longer lines at the polls would delay certifying election results.

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