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No felon policy brings arrest

Thursday, April 6, 2006

A Salem man has been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver after a March 22 arrest.

Salem Police Chief Albert Roork said authorities responded to a call at the Meadows Apartments in Salem after being informed that a convicted felon was on the premises. The Meadows has a no-convicted-felons policy.

Roork said he and Fulton County Chief Deputy James Laney went to an apartment and found Jeremy Neiderbrock, 28, of Salem visiting a friend there. Roork said it is mandatory to do a patdown when a convicted felon on probation or parole is encountered.

During the patdown, police found two grams of ice methamphetamine in Neiderbrock's front pocket, Roork said, adding that Neiderbrock told him he paid $300 for it. Ice is a more pure form of methamphetamine, which has been coming into the area through Mexico, Roork said.

Roork said he arrested Neiderbrock and contacted the drug task force to handle the methamphetamine.

Roork said ice methamphetamine is produced in superlabs. He said most smaller labs are not capable of producing such a pure form of the drug.

He said most of the drug found in the area comes from Mexico. He said Mexico doesn't regulate ephedrine like the United States does, thus it is easier to buy. He said it has become the biggest street drug in Arkansas and it's seen more often than regular methamphetamine, partly due to many of the "mom and pop" laboratories being shut down.

Ice methamphetamine gets its name because of its resemblance to ice as opposed to regular methamphetamine which is often pinkish, brownish or whitish, Roork said.

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