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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Check this out!


The South Missourian News now has its own Web site! For several years, two of Areawide Media's newspapers, The News and The South Misssourian News have shared a Web site -- but no longer. Our Webmaster, Jessica Goff, has spent the past few weeks setting up the new site and it's looking great.

The new site will soon allow us to offer an e-edition of The South Missourian News to subscribers. It may be a few weeks before that's set up, but we hope to have online subscriptions ready to go in the next couple of months.

Jessica has been trying to teach me what a blog is ... and this is another area we will develop over the next couple months. We hope to have a few community leaders and other select individuals set-up to blog away with their thoughts.

An area Jessica has been working on (and this is really impressive) is the Tornado Lost and Found. You can go to this section on the Web site and it will scroll through all the photos that have been found and sent to us since the Feb. 5 tornadoes. A lot of these pictures and other items have come from the area The South Missourian News serves. The tornado sent items flying a long, long ways. If you have items you want to post here, just follow the directions or contact Jessica at the Salem office, 800-995-3209.

We are working on a special section of the Web site called "Speak Out" where residents will be able to voice their opinions about issues related to their communities. This section will give the community an opportunity to have their say and allow others to respond. There will, of course, be some limitations, but mainly those will be entries that we deem disrespectful, threatening, obscene or in other ways objectionable. It will be easy to get started. You will have to register and establish a username and password, but after that, you will be ready to take part in this community conversation.

We also have a weekly poll question you're invited to take part in. This is REAL easy (I can even do this!). All you do is click on the answer you most agree with, then we'll post the results of the poll the next week.

Our new site will also have weather forecasts complete with live radar from the National Weather Service. If there is weather warnings for this area, you will also be able to find that on our site.

We have videos, national news stories, photo galleries and a whole lot more I don't even know about right now.

This will be a real plus for the community as well as friends and relatives in far-away places. Let them know they can now find The South Missourian News online. Check it out each week and keep watching as we add more to it and iron out all the bugs.