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Sheely performs at annual meeting

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jesse Sheely
Salem welcomed new recording artist Jesse Sheely to the NAEC Annual Conference as she took the stage June 5, singing a list of songs including her soon to be released track titled, "Blue Jeans."

"I have always been a song writer and a singer. I just love country music and my family is from Johnsonville, Tenn. We were raised on bluegrass and Ralph Stanley. So, that's my love and I went to Nashville to pursue it," Sheely said.

Sheely moved to Nashville and wasted no time getting into the game.

"I got really lucky and blessed. I got connected with really good songwriters when I first moved there. I would go to writers nights and I would walk up to them and say, 'You don't know if I can sing but I am telling you I can and I am a writer. So would you write with me?' and after you do it a couple times people will be like, 'sure let's try it,'" she said.

Sheely wrote 36 songs in her 17 months living in Nashville and one song received the attention of a popular artist.

"Martina McBride is doing one of my songs on her record. It is called 'Walk Away' and I wrote it with Nathan Chapman who is Taylor Swift's producer and Liz Rose who writes all Taylor's songs with her. So I got hooked up with those guys and everything just snowballed from there," she said.

When Sheely first arrived in Music City she had her eyes on the prize and she wasn't going to let anyone steer her in the wrong direction.

"They say it is a 10-year town. When I first got there and I started talking to ASCAP and BMI, there are the good old boys that tell you to be a demo singer first for a couple years. I said, 'no, I won't.' Not like that is beneath me, but I knew what was right. I wasn't waiting for years," Sheely said.

The record label Seventeen Twenty signed Sheely recently. On the label with her are other country music artists such as Reece Palmer and Jamie O'Neal. Sheely said she would have liked to keep her song that McBride is going to sing but she was proud to let it go.

"I was kind of sad because I loved that song for me but I was like, 'Martina take it, please take it' just to hear her sing it makes me cry," she said.

Sheely's song titled "Blue Jeans" will come out in the fall and she said she is excited.

"There is going to be a marketing campaign with it with a clothing company and that kind of thing. It is just one of those songs, young, old, any kind of background, people are going to like it," she said.

Sheely was no stranger to NAEC, she said.

"This energy coop, I did their national convention in California. So, I was the voice of their video that they have for the troops. I did their "National Anthem" recording for it. They asked me to do a live show. So, I went and did that, then I met Mel Coleman here and he invited me to come do this show," Sheely said.

With a record deal in her pocket and potential on the horizon, Sheely said she is confident.

"I just feel lucky," Sheely said. "I feel like I am in the right place and I like who I am. That's where I am at."

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