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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reader comments on story about young man who stole doctor's car

I read the article "Treated ER patient takes doctor's car from hospital" and feel the need to comment:

1. This young man should have been arrested (DUI), and detained until his parents could pick him up. The fact that he was released from the hospital -- intoxicated, far from home, and with no responsible adult to look after him -- was a travesty. The situation could have been much worse for all parties involved.

2. He should not have taken a car that belonged to someone else -- no matter what the circumstances were! He could have called his parents (obviously he had a cell phone).

3. It doesn't matter that he's a straight A student. No one is questioning his intellectual ability -- it's his value system that's deficient. This young man needs some lock-up time and hopefully his license will be revoked for a nice long time.

The only person who deserves sympathy in this situation is poor Dr. Arnold!

Janet Schales Hanford, Calif.

Proud to be a resident of Ozark Acres, it's a wonderful community

I am writing in regards to the disappointing article (letter to editor) I read in today's Villager Journal paper. The one inquiring as to what has happened to Ozark Acres.

I am a resident of Ozark Acres and I have been for about four years now. My family and I love it here; it is peaceful and quiet and we do have a police officer that patrols the area and he does a fine job at it, I might add.

Yes, there is a little riff-raff here but there is not a place in the world that does not have that problem including Cherokee Village. I am not the argumentative type, but if you want to talk about a riff-raff place, Cherokee Village is another place you might check into.

As far as Ozark Acres, we have plenty of friendly people here. They keep the lake clean, they keep the ditches mowed -- for goodness sake, they just ran a new water system here. I love it here, my neighbors are great. They offer holiday dinners at the clubhouse.

This is not really a retirement community but it could be, I do know of elderly people that are retired and do live here and to my knowledge they like it or they would leave.

So, I am sorry to the lady that took a small look at the bigger picture here, but you need to get all the facts straight before you start barking out improvement orders.

This is a nice community we have here. My out of town family loves to come here and visit me and they never have any complaints.

I would like this to be published if possible because I would like a chance to stand up for the Wonderful Community that I live in. We do not need the prayers of people, we are doing just fine and dandy.

Alisha Smithson Proud resident of Ozark Acres

Enjoys reading about hometown

I graduated from Viola in 1949 and came to San Diego, Calif. I came home in years past to the "Old Timers" day weekend.

I really enjoy reading your new version of the newspaper. I don't remember that many of the people who are mentioned in the paper but enjoy the sports events and other happening around the area.

Thank you very much,

Olen D. Wood

I am the son of Troy B. Wood and Edith Wood of Gum Springs and Salem.