Good Food

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The poll question on the Villager Journal's Web site this week got a lot of interesting comments.

The question was, "What kind of new restaurant would you like to see in the Highland area?"

The options were Family which received 22 percent of the votes; Steak House -- 26 percent; and Buffet which was the winning choice with 41 percent of the votes.

Fourteen people left comments that I enjoyed reading. The comments gave some specifics about what "pollsters" believe needs to be built in the area.

They included:

* Burger King

* You should get a Cracker Barrel. It has good food and normally does not attract the "rougher" crowd of local residents.

* Olive Garden, if they vote it a wet county! (Olive Garden is great wet or dry .... salad and bread sticks ... oh, my!)

* Build it and they will come! I believe a GOOD restaurant will do it for me -- hint = management.

* Italian

* Seafood, with a liquor license.

* Just one more Mammoth Cheeseburger!! (Oh yes, they were good!)

* We've had enough of the all you can eat, get too fat restaurants, and there isn't a redneck alive that knows how to cook a steak. (OK now, I happen to know MANY rednecks -- most of them in my family -- who can turn out some pretty good grilled grub!)

* A really good Chinese Restaurant!!!

* Italian

* IHOP, Bonanza, Waffle House, CiCi's Pizza!!!!! (Strawberry stuffed French toast!)

* A food court (like in a shopping mall) that offers a variety of choices.

* With a bottle of red wine.

* Captain D's


* Japanese ... nuevo ... Gourmet Italian, French ... All!

* Wendy's

* We would like to see the Timberline Restaurant reopen. It was a good family eatery and food was great!!! (Without a doubt, the Timberline had one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever eaten!)

* Burger King or A&W Root Beer

* Timberline!

I'd say that the majority of us love the franchise restaurants. I guess there is something comforting about walking into an Olive Garden anywhere in this country and being able to order the same great tasting salad and breadsticks. I love the chain restaurants and my family almost always looks for them when we are away from the area but if we overlook the "mom and pop" restaurants we are going to miss some tasty homemade treats. (Have you ever seen the biscuits at Meacham's???)

Regardless of our preference, one thing's for sure, we love to eat and there seems to be a need for additional restaurants in the area (especially ones that are open on Sunday after church).

It's 9:54 a.m., and the sawdust flavored oatmeal bar I ate at 8 a.m. has long been digested. Typing an article about restaurants on a rainy, Friday morning was a bad idea. It has made me especially hungry for IHOP. I can practically smell and taste the French toast, stuffed with strawberries, a little cream cheese, some whipped cream, freshly made hot coffee, some crisp bacon on the side ...

Anybody have a lot of money to invest?

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