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Poll Question Results

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do you think photos of vehicle crashes should be published in the newspaper?

No: 5.7% (6 votes)

No, not if a death occured: 51.4% (54 votes)

Yes, it's a news worthy story: 37.1% (39 votes)

Sometimes, Please Comment: 5.7% (6 votes)

105 votes cast


Occasionally "accidents" can be an effective tool to say, "Hey, this didn't have to happen", or "Hey, see what happens when a driver doesn't look both ways?"

You can report the wreck as news but do it in a compassionate way like printing a photo of the person who died, not the wreckage itself. That would be too painful for the family and friends of the victim. They would have had to endure enough already without that slap in the face in the pages of their local newspaper. There are human beings involved with feelings to be recognized on the other side who need to be considered more than a photo sensationlizing a tragedy. The death scene should be blocked so that media do not have immediate access to the area just for that very reason. The reporter needs to place themselves on the other side of the lens before their finger clicks the button.

No! Not a death scene. Have compassion, respect for the family.

Any crash is news worthy to the families involved. Many times a photo is worth a thousand words! They can also be eye-opening (sobering) to folks who need to be more cautious.

only sick people like things like this

not at least until the bodies are removed.

very wrong

not if bodies are in them.

Absolutely not. No questions asked. NEVER!!

It is fine so long as there isn't any bodies shown.

Any "news," including vehicle accidents, that is worthy of publication is also subject to publication of photos of the accident. News coverage, however, should be guided by the social standards prevelant in the community. I believe the majority of your readers would not object to the publication of a photo of any accident, as long as it is done in good taste. That includes photo(s) of the accident in question. What I personally object to is the choice of picture you chose to publish. It showed a great deal of insensitivity to friends and relatives of the victim. At first glance, it was obvious that the victim was still in the vehicle. I wholeheartedly support your right to be on accident scenes without interference as long as you abide by the rules of law and of common sense and to publish photos related to the accident. That right, however, carries a good deal of responsibility and consideration for the families of those involved and for the standards of the community that reads your publication. It does not give you the right to take every photo that might present itself, nor the right to publish same. Perhaps a little more consideration would be more appropriate next time.

To help others to be better drivers.

Not the pictures of the people in the accident (OR their family)...maybe just the vehicle.

not with bodies present

We live in a close small town area. News can be a sad and real event for the local family members. Maybe a senior pic from school.Just don't make it any harder on the family to them it is not news it is a nightmare. The loss of a chid,the sound of their laughter, the hugs, the love,and the long days and nights of emptiness will be with them forever, please keep them in mind as you do your job.

Put in a photo of them living(school, work, etc.) as a tribute not the twisted wreckage where they died

That is NO period, no matter how many pictures you instruct your reporters to take on the scene! (The editor said to take as many as possible and then a decision as to which photo to publish was made by reporter/editor/sometimes publisher) Even if the body is not visible it was where it was or even sometimes still within the wreckage before being extracted!! And the editor says they are human?? I wonder if it is not sensationalizm that overrides the common sense that should be involved!

It is very disturbing to family and friends of the victims to see, especially if the deceased is still in the vehicle. I believe that so many times, we tend to take the human element out of the equation and have no respect for anyone's feelings anymore. We have become numb and uncompassionate about human life, and death.

I do not believe in censoring true life! A picture may stay in one persons mind and slow them down, perhaps saving lives. Weather or not a seat belt was in use should always be told too...

Without the body

Seeing a crash in the paper might get people to think more about safety! It is a great reminder that can tell people to wear their seat belts and slow down.

I think photos are great.

That depends. Obviously if there were a death or debilitating injury that left someone disabled it would be inappropriate to show pictures of the person in such a state, especially without their permission. However, pictures of the wreck from a perspective which shows only the vehicles and possibly rescue personell would be acceptable. I also think that the story attached should be used to bring attention to possible safety issues, and not just for the sake of news and gossip. But, thats just my personal opinion. Freedom of speech is what keeps our social check book balanced and should be protected. Hopefully though, people are responsible enough to use discretion and look at it as a matter of decency.