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Deputies busy with arrests

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OREGON COUNTY -- An Alton man, David Vanover, 20, has been charged with two counts of careless and imprudent driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to a probable cause statement from the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney's office, Missouri State Trooper J.C. Howell said, on March 8 he was notified of a vehicle crash on Oregon County Road 304. He said he was told a vehicle was in a ditch with extensive damage and nobody was around.

Howell said he went to the crash scene and gathered information for a report. The vehicle identification number came back as belonging to Vanover.

While conducting the investigation, Howell said he learned Vanover had ran through some fences elsewhere in the county.

Howell said Vanover ran through a fence on County Road 410 that is currently leased by Mark Homer and later ran off the road and through a fence on County Road 405 owned by David Stubblefield. The trooper said in both instances Vanover created "new exits" in the fences when he returned to the roadway.

Four Tennessee men, Judd Childress, 27, of Burlison, Tenn., Elliott Jolly, 25, of Burlison, Tenn., Steven Lindley, 28, of Brighton, Tenn., and Anthony Holdridge, 28, of Munford, Tenn., have been charged by Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney Fred O'Neill with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

Oregon County Deputy Mark Vonallmen and Deputy Randy Vater were patrolling the Eleven Point River May 31 when they observed a male in a canoe take a small medicine bottle out of the pocket of his shorts. The deputies said he looked around to see if anyone was watching.

The officers said they saw him take a white colored item out of the bottle and light it. He said he thought it looked like marijuana joint.

Vater said the man was Jolly, a person from who the officers had seized a glass smoking pipe and a baggie of what he believed to be marijuana earlier in the day.

The deputies said they observed Lindley smoking the marijuana. He was near another person identified as Childress. Vater said he saw Childress put something in a white five-gallon container.

Lindley confessed to having marijuana and a pipe and stated they were just trying to have some fun.

Vater said he seized a bottle that contained a small plastic bag of what he believed to be marijuana, a pipe, rolling papers and three marijuana roaches in the bottom of the bottle.

Judd then gave the officer a baggie with five joints and two roaches in it.

Holdridge said he had already gotten rid of a red container that had marijuana in it. Vater said he went over to his canoe and opened the container and there was a small amount of what he believed to be marijuana in it. Holdridge said he just didn't wash it out.

Vater said the officers let the four men float their canoes on down to Riverton where they were taken out and all four were transported to the Oregon County Sheriff's Department where they were booked, finger printed and released. They were given a court date of July 2.