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Sports Scores & Stats

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cherokee Village Men's Golf Association

Both a one best ball and a Firecracker event were offered for play at the South Course on June 17. The firecracker game requires that one member of each foursome be designated to hit from the red tees and play his ball to the cup, while his partners scramble from the gold tees. The two scores are then totaled for each hole. Each golfer must be a fire cracker four times and the firecracker for the remaining two holes is usually played by the partner who is "hot." Forty-four golfers played in the Firecracker event, while nine "purists" signed up for the one best ball threesome game.

The highlight of the day (maybe for the season) occurred in the Niners scramble. A dream team (Zable, Barnett, Gammie, Weisman) birdied hole one and kept draining putts from all distances and angles, ending up with seven birdies out of nine holes played for a score of 29. Score cards will be available upon request. Eat your heart out, Tiger!

Dream Team and other event winners are:



1st: P. Pidrak, C. Taylor, J. Hudson, C. Sinclair

2nd: B. Wade, B. Berger, C. Garrett, B. Wellman


1st: W. Brooks, B. Smith, C. Mengert, R. Luchau

2nd: G. Hickert, R. Wing, D. Girman, P. Ruh


1st: D. Dennis, G. Delaney, J. Gove

NINERS (Scramble)

1st: T. Zabel, B. Barnett, D. Gammie, H. Weisman

2nd: J. Boehmler, D. Reynolds, T. Jones, G. Wolosuk, J. Bryan

Things got back to normal at the North Course on June 19. The game was a straight two best ball with no choice or special rules. In the Niners bracket, the winner was determined in a two-hole card play-off. Winners are:


1st: W. Brown, C. McMahon, T. Morris, G. Delaney

2nd: T. Clark, R. Thornton, R. Neill, L. Harrass


1st: L. Mennen, L. Hight, C. Wolff, B. Wright, E. Lanman

NINERS (Scramble)

1st: V. Crumpler, T. Jones, H. Weisman, J. Waldvogel

2nd: L. Haas, A. Burroughs, B. Harriss, B. Garrett

Winning certificates have been placed in the boxes at both courses.

Chip shot: Golf was invented so even the person who isn't in politics would have something to lie about. -- E. C. McKenzie

Cherokee Village Women's 9-Hole Golf Association

Sue Soden is the 2008 Handicap Champion of the Cherokee Village Women's 9-Hole Golfers! Great job, Sue. Sue, along with helpers Betsy Jones and Joan Gammie, was chair of the Handicap Tournament held on two days, June 25 and June 27. Although it was hot and humid both days, many good scores were posted. There were also three chipins on the first day. Winners were:


1st: Val Pour; 2nd: Joni Norrish


1st: Shirley Hight; 2nd: Pat Saroli


1st: Sue Soden; 2nd: Helen Tedford


1st: Joan Gammie; 2nd: Arlene Yanke


Pat Saroli; Joni Norrish


Joni Norrish on #2, Betty Crumpler #2, Pat Saroli #3

There will be no league play on July 4. Have a great and safe holiday.

Cherokee Village Women's 18-Hole Golf Association

On June 18 at the South Golf Course, Dottie Carlisle hosted a game formatted to accommodate a limited number of players. These gals played four-gal, two best ball with results as follows:


Dottie Carlisle, Carolyn Murphy, Barb Lofquist and Martha Chester


Joann Pidrak on hole #9 and Barb Lofquist on hole #1

The game at the North Course was rained out June 20.

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