Thursday, July 3, 2008

The poll question on the Villager Journal's Web site this week got a lot of interesting comments and a little bit of controversy.

The question was, "Do you think the city of Highland should be able to force homeowners to hook up to the sewer system?"

The options were: Yes, which received 33 percent of the votes; No, which received -- 66 percent; and Other which had one vote.

If you live in the city limits of any city, regardless of the size, you're probably hooked-up to the city sewer system. Now, if you live outside the city, you get to take care of this problem on your own -- usually -- and that's certainly not cheap. Last time the "honey wagon" came to my house, I wasn't very happy with the service or the bill! If you need to replace your system, a septic tank, lines, gravel, back-hoe and an operator with a helper or two will set you back a bit.

I guess we shouldn't complain too much about either the city's sewer system or the good old septic tank -- at least we're not having to use an "Outhouse" out back.

Here's your comments on this question:


* If their current septic system works fine, why subject the poor folks to "chlorinated" water just to bilk them out of more money.

* When they came out to have me sign the paperwork to have the system put on my property, they told me it would not cost me anything and that it was not mandatory to hook up ... only if I wanted to. I get charged every month $25-30 for the system and I'm not even hooked up. What's it going to cost me when I do hook up if this is what it's costing me when I don't have it hooked up?? They lied.

* Was this voted on by the citizens?

* You shouldn't be able to force someone to buy your product.

* Connecting to any city utility should be the decision of the homeowner and not forced on anyone.