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City council aides shelter

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cherokee Village held its monthly city council meeting June 26 with Mayor Lloyd Hefley absent due to personal reasons, and two motions were passed concerning Cherokee Village funds.

One motion was unanimously agreed upon and called for the city to look into ensuring the new Spring River Animal Shelter receives electricity to its freezer so Director Shorlyn Morris can become certified to perform euthanasia. Morris explained that in order to become certified to euthanize animals she must have a place to store the bodies awaiting disposal.

She also explained that the shelter is otherwise progressing very steadily thanks to community support, volunteers who visit the shelter on a daily basis and donations that have provided everything from a washer and dryer -- which was replaced by a new washer and dryer authorized by Mayor Hefley, according to Morris  -- to kennels that are now housing litters of misplaced puppies.

When asked by Alderman Tom Thone why the shelter was still in debt despite the generous donations, Morris said they are just beginning to play catch-up with the boarding costs.

Morris made several other requests including a request for Internet service at the shelter location.

"Internet access would allow us to get on PetFinders(.com) and would double our adoption rates," Morris said.

The council agreed to discuss the matter and other necessities requested by the shelter at the next working meeting.

A motion to stop spending on advertisement for the city of Cherokee Village was made and unanimously agreed upon by the council.

Alderman Verna Mae Newman reminded the council of an agreement at a previous working meeting to spend less on advertisement and depend more on service messages.

Alderman Peter Martin inquired as to when it was necessary for the mayor and city clerk to come before the council and request more money, pointing out that 25 percent more than what had been budgeted was being spent in one account.

Acting Mayor Russell Stokes assured Martin that he would be concerned if the mayor and clerk were spending 100 percent over the budget but that it is acceptable to make adjustments in the general account.

Fire Chief Mike Taylor also explained that the fire department has already spent more than three-fourths of its fuel budget for 2008 and is hoping the cost of fuel will go down soon. Until then, the fire department has been cutting all unnecessary traffic and Chief Taylor said that has helped.

The fire department's budget was off by around $50,000 as pointed out by Thone. Thone said the fire department's expenses for this month were only around $40,000 and were showing up on the budget as being around $90,000.

"There seems to be about $50,000 that isn't showing up," Thone said.

Taylor said that he noticed the problem shortly before the meeting, would be looking into it and is sure it is a simple calculating, booking error or misunderstanding of numbers.

Police Chief Scott Goodwin reported to the council that property thefts have gone up in the last two months.

"It's partly due to the price of scrap metals going up so high ... and the economy being the way it is," Goodwin said.

In the month of May there were 10 theft of personal property cases, a number of which included theft of copper from air conditioners at unoccupied homes.

The fire department's annual pancake breakfast will be held July 4 at the Baseheart Fire Station. It will cost a $4 donation for each person attending and proceeds will go to buying pagers for the fire fighters. Each pager costs around $500 and are needed to replace the current pagers the department has used since the early 1990s, according to Chief Taylor.

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