Letter to the Editor

Help is needed to keep Miss Glenna's dream alive

Friday, July 11, 2008

Williford Library plays an important roll in our community and presently it is in real need of our help for its survival. The library was another victim of the March floods that did so much damage in our area. Five feet of water in the building resulted in the loss of over 6,000 books, furniture and other supplies.

Because of the risk of this happening again, the library cannot remain in the unique, little, rock building on Main Street where Glenna Garner first established a library for the town she loved and the children she taught and loved. We must move to higher ground. This time it is going to "take a village" to make it happen and we want to give everyone the opportunity to assist in this worthwhile endeavor.

A building lot is being provided on a lease basis, at no cost, on which to locate a lovely 20-feet by 30-feet cottage that will be built and moved to the site and set on pillars that have been set in place. At that time, a front and back porch will be added. It will be very special!

Site preparation will be the first order of business. Then, materials and help will be necessary to finish the interior. The services of an electrician and a plumber will be needed. The final results will be something that everyone who assists in any way can be proud that they played a part in bringing it about.

A resident of the Williford area is needed to coordinate the project and volunteer workers are needed immediately. Any donations can be made to the Williford Library Fund, c/o The City of Williford, P.O. Box 77, Williford, AR 72482. For more information or to volunteer to help, please call 870-257-2056 or 870-966-4162.

Miss Glenna would be so proud that her town, and especially the children, will still have a library of their own.

Marilyn Bischoff Cherokee Village