Letter to the Editor

Medical care is something this area must have

Friday, July 11, 2008

Although the clinic is located within the bounds of Cherokee Village, I don't know why it has been named "Hardy Clinic."

Hardy has a population of less that 1,000. Cherokee has close to 5,000. I have heard there is not enough population to warrant a hospital! Is this based on the population of Hardy?

Last week, my son was taken by ambulance to Batesville. The hospital there was full and less serious cases were being directed to Mountain Home.

Sunday we visited W.R.M.C. where my son (in serious condition) was in a dungeon-like room on the emergency floor. I was informed by a nurse that ALL the rooms in the hospital were full. This is not unusual. Many patients come from Sharp County.

The doctors in the area are over-burdened with patients from the four local cities -- plus a wide surrounding area -- including some from Missouri. Ask our doctors and paramedics if we need a hospital next to the clinic. How did Salem Hospital get the funds for an addition when they are short of doctors? How can we afford a gymnasium, a monument to Mr. Cooper, etc. and no one steps forth to set up a donation fund at the bank which helped us get the clinic? Not enough praises have been given to Dr. Sra and our paramedics. Shortage of doctors? There are medical students at schools that are not their home base. I am sure many would love to get out of the costly cities and settle in a less expensive area such as this.

Eleanor Nawrocki

Cherokee Village