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Innovative new advertising process is introduced

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Michael Willett, formerly of Salem, watches as a floating logo (Flogo) is released from a custom designed invention that creates cloud like helium filled shapes into the air. Willett tours the country promoting and demonstrating the machine and the new form of advertising.
The world and its industries are ever changing but it is not everyday an entire new form of media is established. Michael Willett, who grew up in Salem, is on the forefront of a new technology that brings advertising into a whole new arena.

Flogos, a play on floating logos, is a new technology that takes logos and shapes and puts them in the sky in the form of big white fluffy clouds.

"Flogos are an innovative way to attract attention to a virtually untapped market -- the sky," Willett said.

"In the past, conventional ways of sky advertising and event special effects has been limited to planes with banners or balloons and that is what prompted inventor Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover to think outside the box and invent the first Flogo machine," Willett said.

"I became involved with the Flogos project as the real estate market correction was hitting. My business partner and I were looking to diversify and we were searching for a solid franchise to invest in. We had met with several promising companies before one of our real estate partners directed us to an article in the local paper about Flogos and within the week we were visiting with inventor Francisco Guerra in Alabama," Willett said.

"After a few visits to see Flogos in action and when we discovered they were created with a 100 percent green eco-friendly formula, the rest as they say is history and here we are today. Currently Roy Batson and myself are one of a handful of folks in the world with this technology," he said.

Willett explained the custom clouds are comprised of thousands of helium filled bubbles, which hold together for miles and tend to hover anywhere from 300-500 feet.

"I am just honored to be a part of this great organization and have the opportunity to help take this amazing special effect to the next level," he said.

Willett met with inventors Guerra and Glover, and found like himself they shared their own set of small town values, he said.

"I knew this was a business I wanted to be associated with. When folks first see the Flogos the same reaction takes place, 'what is it?' but as soon as they see the custom cloud dance in the breeze, the shape registers in their mind. It creates a response and a memory that will not be forgotten," he said.

"We can shape these clouds into company logos, themed shapes, letters and numbers. Different uses arise everyday as more and more people see the benefits of creating an unforgettable event," he said.

Since the official release of Flogos in early summer, Willett and Batson have traveled from Texas to the tip of Florida.

"We have gone all over the Southeastern coast to do events," he said.

"We are fortunate because our Flogos business is based out of Atlanta which gives us convenient access to all locations on the eastern coastline," he said.

Willett said in this day and age it all boils down to the eco-friendly nature of business and Flogos embraces the importance of green technology.

"It is an exciting time as we anticipate the exponential growth of Flogos and the implementation into various event venues," Willett said.

"In the nine years since I relocated from Salem, I lived in north Florida for a brief period, where I met my beautiful wife, but mostly in Atlanta, Ga., where I have been operating my own residential real estate business," he said.

"This past year I obtained my real estate brokers license and partnered up with a developer from North Atlanta and opened my first residential brokerage. Elana and I were married Aug. 7, 2004, in Panama City, Fla., and we do not have any kids as of yet. Elana is a graduate from Auburn, Ala., who now teaches first grade in north Atlanta," Willett said.

Willett said the future of Flogos is ever evolving and it is a revolutionary media for corporate branding, advertising and event special effects.

"We are in negotiations with representatives from major theme parks, major league sports teams, college sports teams, as well as wedding and event planners from both corporate and personal levels," he said.

"Of course, me being a Razorback fan, I would love to eventually fly the U of A, A or the Razorback logo. Imagine walking up to the next wedding and you see clouds shaped like the bride and grooms initials as well as cloud shaped hearts hovering above," he said.

"Flogos definitely add a wow factor to any event and ultimately the customer's experience is what matters in our industry. Giving them an experience that creates a memory they will not forget is our goal," he said.

To take a look at the Flogos demo videos and read frequently asked questions log on to the Web site at www.Flogos.com.

Willett's enthusiasm is almost contagious when talking about Flogos and he said he has a new project on the horizon.

"We are also in the beginning phases of introducing your latest invention www.Eco-Scent.com,\" he said.

Eco-Scents are designed to use scent to create cooperate branding and identification as well as environmental enhancement.

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