Letter to the Editor

Let's never go back to the way things use to be

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I feel compelled to submit a public thank you to Shorlyn Morris, our animal control officer who is in charge of Spring River Animal Services, our local animal shelter. I'm very impressed with the caliber of professionalism she and her team of volunteers display. My thanks go out to her and the team of volunteers that give so freely of their time, hard work and love to make "our" shelter a success.

Upon tracking the success of the shelter I'm astounded at the number of animals that have found good homes through the efforts of Shoryln and her team. I love seeing the Pet of the Week in our newspaper. The Web site is a wonderful way to find the perfect family pet and I'm amazed at the number of adoption drives "our" shelter conducts.

Very personally, I appreciate my neighborhood that's now void of the stray cats and dogs that were such a problem before. The problem has finally been taken care of in short order by Shorlyn. Thank you!

I sure hope we never go back to the way things use to be around here.

I must conclude with a quote from Art Linkletter: "Please be responsible and have your pets spayed and neutered."


Cherokee Village