Letter to the Editor

Wake up America -- it's time to take action

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I don't know why we are wasting our time and money to elect a new president. We are under a dictatorship government already.

The congressmen and senators that "We the People" elected to represent us, can no longer represent us.

Both Houses have submitted new Energy Bills, to be debated and voted on. DFL, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, and DFL, Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, have both tabled these Bills and won't even bring them up for debate.

Isn't this dictatorship? Are they waiting till they get their Messiah Obama elected?

We still have many fine men and women in Congress and the Senate that want to serve "the people," but their hands are tied because of these two "dictators."

We are in an energy and economic crisis, which is only going to get worse as long as these people keep playing partisan politics and getting nothing done to improve our situation.

I've lost count, but I think they have already had at least three vacations this year from their so-called 30 hour work week.

The latest that I heard, now that they are anxious to start their August vacation, and after playing politics all year, is that they plan on bundling all of the Bills that they've been sitting on for months, and pass them through with no public debate, or even studying the contents of them.

I'm sure that most of them never read half of what was written in the latest Housing Bailout Bill that they rushed through.

And how many Bills did they secretly pass through without debate? And how many pork barrel add-ons had they slipped into them?

Do you begin to understand why this country is deep in debt and our dollar will soon become worth less than the Pesos?

WAKE UP AMERICA -- these people are "ripping us off" and lining their own pockets in the process, by giving themselves huge salary increases and robbing our Social Security Trust Fund to pay for them.

It's time to get these incompetent clowns out of Washington before we are completely bankrupt and begging the Saudis and Russia for enough oil to heat our houses this winter.

I hope the rest of the country is getting as perturbed as I am with these elected officials and start writing, calling, faxing and forming coalitions to get them to either do their job that we are paying them for, "or get out of town!"

Otherwise, I'll be joining with Glenn Beck, when they storm Washington with pitch forks and torches like they did in "the good old days."

Lou Heyn

Cherokee Village