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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The minimum wage just increased by 30 cents an hour. Do you think employers should be REQUIRED to raise EVERYONE'S wages each time the minimum wage increases?

Yes: 73.4% (58 votes)

No: 26.6% (21 votes)

Comment Below: 0.0% (0 votes)

79 votes cast


ABSOLUTELY! If you make $1 over minimum wage, and mw goes up, you should still make $1 over minimum wage so your earnings should be adjusted by your employer.

Some people are worth every penny they work for, some are worth a lot more and some aren't worth the time of day. Wages should be based on performance, and employers should treat their workers fairly as God holds them accountable for how they treat or mistreat their workers. It is unfortunate in our small town that some people are paid very well not because of how well they work, but because of their last name.

It's set for a reason and if businesses weren't made to follow it then people in small towns with no other place to get a job might still be making $5 an hour.

If they did that some small business would end up broke. If the other employee is making over the new wage it should be good.