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Council discusses CD

Thursday, August 21, 2008

THAYER -- The Thayer City Council met in regular session Aug. 11 at Thayer City Hall. All council members were present with the exception of Mike Harber who was out of town working.

Mayor Merle Williams asked the council to approve the cashed CD and approval of the new treasurer, Mike Harber, signing it.

"The cashing of the CD should have been done a little bit different. I am asking the council to approve this because the bank has requested it," Mayor Merle Williams said.

Alderman Al Clark made a motion for the council to table that request and the council agreed.

The cashing of the $129,000 CD occurred June 16 when the city's bank account was depleted. Williams cashed the CD to pay bills and make payroll for July. He said there were several reasons why the city was low on money including the current sidewalk project that is taking place on Highway 142 east. He said a portion of the project is being funded by MoDOT and the funds come in increments.

"Flooding this spring caused a lot of damage at the wastewater treatment plant. A clarifier was destroyed and it cost $30,000 to replace. A portion of the road near the plant was damaged by flooding and we had to fix that. We also had to pay for extra manpower because of the extra work that needed to be done," Williams said.

The mayor said he did not actually cash the CD. He transferred a general CD account into the general account.

As a result of this, Joe Barbee resigned his position as city treasurer.

"I resigned as city treasurer more or less as a protest. I didn't feel like procedure was followed and we (the council) were not aware he was cashing the CD. I think there should be more accountability in our city government," Barbee said.

The SMN asked Clark why he made the motion to table the CD issue and he said, "The particulars of what occurred have not been finalized. I have a lot of people asking me about this. I don't know the details and until I find out the details I can't answer their questions," he said.

Also as a result of the cashing of the CD, City Collector Janice Tolar asked to have her name removed from all documents of any sort at the bank. At a special meeting July 5 the council voted yes to her request. When asked why she made that request, Tolar said, "It was my decision and I have the right to make it."

Police Chief David Bailey addressed the council about the skeletal remains that were found recently on Thayer city property.

"A representative from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been at the site where the remains were found and concluded we have a genuine archeological dig at the site," Bailey told the council.

He said DNR was impressed with the way the "amateurs," meaning his police department and the Oregon County Sheriff's Department, dealt with the situation.

"Several different Indian tribes have been contacted concerning the remains and they have asked the city to sponsor them coming so they can decide what can be done about this situation," Bailey said.

The council voted to sponsor whatever tribal council decided to come to Thayer.

At this time they are not sure what tribe the remains belong to but are leaning toward the Osage.

"The remains found at the site were of a tall man probably six-feet tall and the Osage are known to be tall people, but they are not sure if the remains are that of an Osage Indian or not," he said.

Bailey also addressed the council concerning the need of two new computers at the police station. He said the one computer now there is out of date but would still be used if the council would allow his department two new computers.

The council voted to buy two new computers for the police department.

DNR has determined there is a need for some improvements at the city's sewage treatment plant. Rain water has been getting into the sewer system and sometimes it causes manhole covers to pop up and raw sewage to run into ditches and streams in the city.

Charles Ray from the Missouri Engineering Company was at the meeting and talked to the council concerning problems at the waste water treatment plant.

DNR has told the city the old system will have to be revised.

The city only has one clarifier at the plant and they need two. Ray told the council the project would be expensive. "This will include digging up asphalt roads and putting in new sewer lines," Ray said.

Ray is going to do a study of the project and help the city apply for a low interest loan from DNR to help fix the problem. When council members asked about grant money to fix the problem, Ray said grant funds are all "dried-up." Ray said the application for a loan to DNR would have to be submitted by mid-November to get on the list to begin the process.

How the loan from DNR would be paid back was not decided at the meeting.

Scott Simer, a surveyor, was at the meeting and discussed with the council the possibility of a proposed land development near Augusta Oaks Apartments along the Warm Fork River. He said there would be small lots for sale and it most likely would be a recreational area where RVs could park or people could camp.

Jeaneane Castel asked the council for a temporary kennel license because she has more than the two dogs allowed by law in the city. "I just moved to Thayer from out in the county and all I need is a temporary licence until I can find a home for these two dogs. The council granted her the license.

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