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Thunderbird Recreation Center vandalized; juveniles arrested

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Thunderbird Recreation Center located in Cherokee Village was broke into and vandalized by three local juveniles who are now being charged for their crimes.

Sergeant Rick Morris with the Cherokee Village Police Department was called to the location of the recreation center on July 11, according to the police report written by Morris. In the report, Morris describes the scene of vandalism he found at the location.

According to Morris the first thing he observed was that the window to the concession room had been forced open. Upon entering he found the cash register, DVD player and DVD movies had been stolen from the center. An interior door had been forced open and all of the pool area furniture had been thrown into the pool while two grates at the end of the pool had been stolen as well, the report said. Another door, to the banquet facility, had been forced open along with two other interior doors, Morris said in the report.

Auxiliary Officer Robert Kincade received an anonymous tip that two male juveniles were reported to have been involved.

While interviewing one of the juveniles on Aug. 8, the juvenile admitted to being involved and gave the names of two other individuals who were his alleged partners in crime.

The other two juveniles were interviewed at later times, one of which admitted to being involved and the other denying any involvement. The second juvenile who admitted to being involved specifically named the juvenile who denied participation.

A female at the residence of the juvenile pleading innocent, said the juvenile was in the home at approximately the same time as the break-in occurred.

Despite the one innocent plea, all three juveniles are being charged with commercial burglary, theft of property and criminal mischief.

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