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City limits questioned during meeting

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ash Flat City Council met in regular session Aug. 18, at 6:30.

Fred Goodwin, Ash Flat's chairman of the planning committee, requested that Ash Flat pay to have a survey done to know exactly where the city limits are. Goodwin said not all the streets in the city are on the land use map and he doesn't think that all of the boundaries are on it.

"We really need to know where our boundaries are so we can get all the people, and all the land, and all the taxes we deserve. The way it is now we don't know, as the planning committee, where a lot of things are." Goodwin said.

The council discussed the fact that no one knows where the actual city lines and boundaries are and they could be missing out on tax dollars because of this.

"There is a liability issue me and the fire chief were talking about, in the event I get out or one of my officers get out, and things get really bad and we find out it's outside of the city or outside of our jurisdiction, there's a potential lawsuit situation, "police Chief Mike Zeiger said.

It was also brought up that Ash Flat had water lines put in some time ago without surveys done because of lack of city funds at the time. The council brought it to a vote and agreed to look into survey costs.

In other business, Michael Clark returned to the council asking them to run city sewer to his property in the College Heights area on College Drive, so he can connect his planned residence to the sewer during construction.

Clark has been trying to get the city to run sewer to his property since December. In February the city applied for a grant to help with the cost of that project and the grant was denied.

The city suggested Clark look into a septic system and they debated whether or not his property is large enough for a septic system.

Clark stated he has faith in the city to get this done. If they don't, it will hurt the value of his property, but he will proceed with building his residence regardless of what the city decides.

After Clark read several cases from the Pope Digest that went to the Supreme Court over similar circumstances, the council informed Clark that they do not practice law and if he or his attorney wanted to contact the city's attorney they could work it out that way from there on.

"If we need to test this case, I guess that's where we're headed," Clark said.

Clark then wanted to know why his building plans were deferred to the council. The council replied that until he has an approved plan for his waste water the plans cannot be approved.

Gary Benton, Ash Flat's street superintendent, asked the council's permission to require a deposit on the concession stand keys with exception to the school. Benton informed the council that he has had numerous problems with the keys not being returned and has had to change the locks before as well. The council gave Benton permission to secure his parks and concessions as he deems fit with a deposit on the keys.

The council discussed sponsoring the school with an ad in the paper costing $45 per month for nine months starting in September. Council members agreed that this is a good idea and voted to go ahead with the ad.

Following an executive session it was voted upon that Gary Benton receive a $350 a month raise.

The council and Chief Zeiger also narrowed down applications for a new police officer and announced they will start the interviewing process.

In conclusion of the meeting the council voted on a new city ordinance, not yet numbered. The ordinance states, "A Notice of Land Use Compliance will be required for any property to have water, sewer, or 9-1-1 services provided. All property in use at the time of the adoption of this ordinance shall be deemed to be in land use compliance and no action will be required on the part of either the property owner or property user. Thereafter, new construction, additions or alterations shall require a Notice of Land Use Compliance. Applications for such notice shall be submitted to the enforcement official on forms provided by the city of Ash Flat. The enforcement official shall have the authority to grant compliance or may, at his discretion, refer applications to the planning commission for review and approval." The council voted yes on this ordinance and it will be discussed again at the next meeting.

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