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New laws take affect

Thursday, September 11, 2008

MISSOURI -- Several new laws went into effect Aug. 28 across the state.

They include:


Repeals a 2007 law that made it easier for landowners to incorporate their property as a village, thus avoiding county planning and zoning rules.

Truck Lanes

Prohibits heavy trucks from driving in the far left lane of highways having three or more lanes in urban areas.

Sex Offenders

Requires sex offenders to submit their e-mail addresses, instant message names and other online identifiers to a state registry. Requires registered sex offenders to remain in their homes between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Halloween and post a sign stating: "No candy or treats at this residence."

Scrap Metal

Makes it a specific felony to steal certain wire and pipes. Requires scrap metal dealers to retain for two years copies of the photo identifications of people selling them more than $50 in metals, such as copper or aluminum.

Property Taxes

Requires governments to reduce their property tax rates whenever assessed property values rise by more than inflation.

Power Plant

Allows the Missouri Public Service Commission to retroactively authorize a power plant by Aquila Inc. in Cass County without proper authorization, potentially avoiding a court order to tear it down.

Organ Doners

Prohibits family members from overruling the organ donation consent of their deceased relatives. New organ donor symbols will be placed on drivers license.


Allows advanced practice nurses to write prescriptions for some controlled substances, including nausea and cough medicines and pain relievers.

Mortgage Fraud

Creates the crime of mortgage fraud and expands administrative allegations.


Makes it a misdemeanor to order employees to get microchip implants.

Internet Harassment

Makes it illegal to harass others by computers, text messages and other electronic devices, a response to the suicide of a St. Charles teen.

Illegal Immigrants

Requires people to prove they are legally in the country when applying for public benefits; fines employees who misclassify workers as contractors instead of employees.

Ice Cream

Makes the ice cream cone the official state dessert.

Hot Weather

Bars electric or natural gas companies from shutting off service when the temperature is likely to rise above 95 degrees or the heat index above 105 degrees within 24 hours.

Ethanol Conflicts

Repeals a treasurer's office policy barring financial incentives for ethanol plants and other value-added agriculture cooperatives that have any state officials or their relatives as investors. Allows such incentives so long as state officials own less than 2 percent of the business.

Drunken Boaters

Lowers Missouri's threshold for drunken boating to 0.08 percent blood alcohol content, instead of 0.10 percent.

Campaign money

Repeals the state's campaign contribution limits, thus allowing candidates to receive large donations for the November elections. Requires contributions of more than $5,000 to be disclosed within 48 hours.

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