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Salem man questioned about letters demanding money

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Demands for money and new cars have been sent to at least three banks in the West Plains, Mo., area and authorities believe a Salem man is responsible.

Sept. 3, Great Southern Bank, Howell County Bank and Wood and Huston Bank all received letters demanding money.

"(The writer) demanded $1,000 per month for the next five years," Joshua Redfield manager of the Wood and Huston Bank said. According to Redfield, the writer specified that the money transaction would occur when he showed up in the lobby and asked for it.

The following is a copy of the letter with names omitted.

"To whom it may concern

"I own two of the Mfg. Co's in the city limits of West Plains Missouri plus Caterpilliar Mfg, Co, in Pomona, Mo.

"I'm sure each of you would like to see my Mfg. Co's stay in Howell County Missouri.

"I have an offer to you. For the followingfive years, beginning September fith 2008 in keepingmy major Mfg Co's in Howell County Missouri?

"I want a new four door auto preferable a six cylinder licensed insured from each new car dealer in West Plains, Mo.

"Each four months and from each bank and fonance instution one thousand dollars a month in cash by the first of each month for the next five years.

"I was abducted in Howell County missouri in nineteen ninety three held in captivity, tortured,

"If any prefer to not meet the above, it won:t bother me in the least to move each and every one of my Mfg Co out of Howell County Missourie and the state of Missouri or any of my chain of dept stores of fast food chains,

"Since 1993 I have a military unit on standby alert twenty four seven that can toss a blanket over any city with a population of ten thousand or more within thirty minutes or a county within an hour, I also have two satellites in space monitering my every movement 24 7

"i will be in west plains mo, friday 5th Sept. 2008 at each bank fo one thousand dollars in cash, and to one of the auto dealers for the auto, for four months.

"Its your choice,


"P.S. Inclosed is a small old photo of what I look like,

"It cost a lot of money to get Russia to let the United States see their satellite photos of who all was involved in having me abducted, held in captivity, tortured in 1993.

"My aids to the United Nations will be coming soon to apprehend you, take you to Washington, D.C. to answer questions of the United Nations Security Council.


"Pappy United Nations Ambassador Professor, Doctor (...) Chairman of the National Medical Association 1965 until 1976 Chancellor of Harvard University Honorary graduate of Harvard 1957 C,E,O, President of the National Foundation for the Blind since 1955"

Redfield said once he saw the letter, his reaction was to call the authorities. "It was definitely an unusual letter, but I wasn't about to put the staff in danger so I reacted accordingly," Redfield said.

According to a West Plains Police Department press release, investigators came to Salem, Sept. 4, and with the assistance of the Salem Police Department questioned a suspect in the matter. The suspect is a 70-year-old, white male.

"At this time investigators do not believe the subject is an immediate threat," West Plains Chief of Police Charles Brotherton Jr. said.

According to the West Plains Police Department, charges have yet to be filed.

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