Letter to the Editor

Is this all just a clever timing ploy?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I read in the Jonesboro Sun today that a judge may decide the Sharp County wet-dry issue that should be on the November ballot.

I don't know Circuit Court Judge, The Honorable Harold Erwin so this in no way is questioning his integrity or honesty; I understand he has to decide issues brought before him by motions filed by citizens through attorneys, but with calendar issues and scheduling, can he make a swift decision so the ballot measure can proceed?

Was this just a clever timing ploy to keep the measure off the ballot by citizens deciding they don't want the general public to decide an issue if it is contrary to their desire and belief?

I am sure most people recall that the presidential election in 2000 was decided by a judge based upon motions filed by attorneys and that action simply eliminated the ballots cast by the public. I would hope that this matter can be resolved quickly so the voters can decide on this issue not a judge. As that possibility seems to exist, why should the public even bother to vote - let's just let everything get decided by a judge, based upon motions filed by attorneys.

All I ask is that the citizens of Sharp County remember that the Constitution of the United States, "We the People of the United States . . ." That doesn't mean just let one person decide for the whole, that means let the people VOTE.

Betty Crumpler

Cherokee Village