Letter to the Editor

Vote for the benefit of Sharp County

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I read recently in our local paper that there are some who think there are no deaths by drunk drivers in dry counties. I'm sure the police authorities can contradict this -- or ask our paramedics.

Hundreds of dollars are going to Missouri for liquor purchases. Unfortunately, some of it is drunk before driving back to Arkansas.

The revenue from these purchases if made in Arkansas can go for education and/or hospital.

Even Jesus had wine at the last supper.

There are also those who think a lottery is a sin. I believe it was the Arkansas Attorney General who stated in the Little Rock paper that the proceeds from this would go for scholarships. We sure could use more medical personnel.

I don't need to drink. However, a wet county would allow us to get some better restaurants. I would approve of a package store and the user could take it home and fall in their own bed. I do not approve of bars where some just drink and then drive. Granting a license to "clubs" to serve liquor for a club fee is a form of bribery.

Please take a total view and then vote for the benefit of Sharp County.

E.M. Nawrocki

Cherokee Village