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Spuds ready to fly during Legends Weekend

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Golf balls won't be the only thing flying through the air on Legends weekend in Horseshoe Bend.

The city's second-annual potato firing contest is scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 27 at the driving range at The Golf Course on Turkey Mountain.

In the first edition of the contest held last year, 15 competitiors took to the range.

Again this year, there will be two classes -- one for 2- to 3-inch muzzles; one for 4-inch muzzles.

All launchers must be made from PVC pipe and powered by hairspray.

In addition to the two classes, there will also be an Outlaw Division, for exibhition only, where basically anything goes.

According to the Web site eHow.com, here is how to construct a potato launcher:

* Purchase supplies. A trip to a local hardware store or home supplies store will provide you with all the necessary supplies for about $30.

* Drill hole in ends of chamber. The small piece of PVC with the tapered ends will constitute the combustion chamber. Drill a small hole in towards the end of one side of this canister for the flick igniter.

* Install igniter. This is the trickiest part. You need to reach your hands inside the canister and install the igniter. Typically the igniter will have a flick switch, which is external, and a long screw attachment for the igniter, which is installed through the hole you drilled and firmly secured.

* Glue PVC together. Take your longer PVC piece (this will be the barrel) and screw one end into the 1 foot section of PVC piping with the grooved ends. You will want to coat the grooves with crazy glue prior to attaching them so they are secure and leak proof.

* Cap the end of the canister. Drill a small hole in the center of the cap and screw it on to the end of the canister, this secures the combustion chamber.

* Air-dry the launcher. Allow the launcher at least an hour for the glue to set and dry before using.

* How to use the launcher: Cut a large potato in half and jam it about halfway down the barrel of the launcher. Unscrew the bottom cap of the launcher and give a good five second spray of the hairspray and then immediately screw the cap back on. Aim the barrel well away from people or pets and flick the igniter switch.

And watch the spuds fly.

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