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Poll Question Results - How do you feel about the temporary injunction to prohibit the wet/dry issue from the November ballot?

Friday, October 3, 2008

How do you feel about the temporary injunction to prohibit the wet/dry issue from the November ballot?

I agree with the injunction: 19.3% (53 votes)

I don't agree with the injunction: 78.2% (215 votes)

Other, Please Comment: 2.5% (7 votes)

275 votes cast


Let the People Speak and VOTE!

Leave it alone and let people vote yes or no.


It's the peoples vote!! Let them decide

I don't agree with it and it appears that the judge violated the law in granting it.

Let's make sure the signatures were collected legally. If you are so for allowing the county to be drunk, then at least be HONEST in collecting signatures.

wake up, folks. we need the tax revenues which outweighs what small increase in crime it may bring.

Let the voters decide

In a true democracy the voters would be allowed to decide.

This is America isn't it? Let the people vote. Let the people decide.

the petition barely mentions the real issue-liquor. Very misleading

As a lifelong resident of 30 + years, I don't want to see Sharp County go wet, BUT I also do not agree with the injunction. I think we need to bring this to a vote and put the issue to rest. With the injunction it can just be brought up again and again. What the majority of the citizens want, they should get...America is a democracy. That said, if the citizens decide we should be a wet county, we'll just move.

First legalizing the sell of alcohol to save gas and or reduce pollution is just crazy. Do you really think that many trips are made to the liquor store. I do however think the voters should be allowed to decide. I have always been against becoming a wet county in the past. There are many private clubs that sell liquor anyway now though. People who want to have a drink can do so legally but they must join the club and consume the drinks away from home. Many of these clubs allow people to actually get drunk and then drive home! People who would like to have a drink at home must travel to the liquor store in a wet county and bring the liquor back home. This just gives our tax dollars to another area. Most people do not want to make a lot of trips so they purchase a quantity to last for a while. My point here is --------people who want to drink alcohol will even if we continue to be a dry county. If we become a wet county and it is legal to purchase alcohol then maybe we can break the cycle of causing our youth to want something that is prohibited. You know that when something is forbidden we all want to try it just once or maybe as often as we can work it out. Well maybe it is time to let the citizens decide.

I really think our county will remain dry but i Also strogly feel that it should be left up to the voters.we have the right to vote on these matters and I hope never to see our county become wet,but it is fair that they at least let everyone vote for it..it's a matter of principal.

let us vote

Voters should have a right to decide whether the county is wet or dry , not a Judge and 2 people.

i feel it is un-american to prohibit it from even getting to the vote process - what happened to free speech? If people are worried about "dead people" being on this list, they need to look at the voter registration books too and follow up on findings.

This Wet/Dry stupidity has went on far too long. We're giving away too many tax dollars to other states. everyone here that wants to drink, drinks anyway.

I think we should stay dry, I think if we become wet it will open up more problems in the area. ALso, why send our time and money on that when we could use it for tornado sirens or is that, that getting drunk is more important?

I AGREE it should be stopped when they are trying to do it ILLEGALLY! SHAME on Ruth Reynolds for signing the petitions under the guise of 'saving time' when she should have done it LEGALLY in front of a NOTARY. SHAME on the notary for notarizing them when they were not signed in front of her. SHAME on our County Clerk for not thoroughly checking all of the signatures and having to involve the courts to find that there were an additional 461 signatures that were ILLEGAL! It only goes to show you that the DRUNKS will do anything any way they can to get more IMMORALITY pumped into our lives. Then they character bash HONEST people for trying to make sure that things were done LEGALLY. For all you LIARS and DRUNKS you might read REVELATION where it says no DRUNKS and no LIARS will be in Heaven. (There's a few others on that list, but hopefully you will change your ways.) KUDOS to the HONEST folks who are looking out for the little guy and got the TRUTH of this petition out. Maybe if you DRUNKS could do things HONESTLY you would have better results, maybe not the results you want, but at least you won't embarrass yourselves so much then.

I think they should make it a wet county,that way they could keep the tax moneys in the county instead of in another states pockets.People are going to buy it no matter where they have to get it from,why not here? I hear complaing that we are short on money and have to raise taxes, instead why not make it wet.

It has nothing to do with the "right to vote". Let's stick to the facts only not emotions.


It should be up to the people to vote on the issue it should not be up to one single Judge, to choose what happens to people in their own county...

this is stupid! The people that have done this are nothing but a bunch of bible pushers. They don't seem to understand what this could do to our county, as in positive. This county would get so much more money then we do know. but they don't care.


The voice of the people?

let the people vote on this

I will move to a dry county if they start selling it here

I think people should have the right to choose.

The people should be allowed to vote on the issue.A few fanatics should not speak for the entire public.

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