Letter to the Editor

Majority doesn't rule in Sharp County

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well, the two small-minded people who are afraid to allow us to vote on the Wet/Dry issue, may have won the battle, but my friends, they have not won the war. Morris Street of Cherokee Village and Yota Shaw of Strawberry, Ark., think they know what's best for 18,000 other citizens of Sharp County. They may have stopped our Constitutional right to vote on the issue this election, but there will be other elections and this issue WILL be on the ballot next time. Because of questionable accusations about the notarization of some of the signatures on the petitions, Judge Phil Smith of Pocohontas chose the side of these two do-gooders. Dedicated people who worked for over a year crossing every T and dotting every I , are now being denied the right to vote on the issue they worked so hard to bring to the voters of Sharp County. Very good, you two, hope you are proud of yourselves. I'm sure you are, but remember, "Pride comes before a fall." It must be very special to think of yourselves so highly as to deny the majority their rights. We will take any and all help from people that love our Country and want to see the people decide issues important to our County and not judges doing so.

Call Jerry Adams at 870-847-2150 to lend a hand and we will be gathering signatures again very soon.

Do not fear, the people WILL get to vote, see you in 2010!!

Power to the people, not the courts.!!!

Jerry and Yvonne Adams

Cherokee Village