Letter to the Editor

I thought we lived in America

Friday, October 3, 2008

I could not believe the decision this Judge Phil Smith came to in regards to HAVING THE RIGHT TO VOTE, on the wet dry issue in Sharp County on the November Ballot.

How could two individuals, against 4,300, decide what's best for our county? They threw out 400 votes, because a wife signed for her husband that had had a stroke, and the father who helped his son steady his hand while he signed because he wanted to have the right to vote, but is autistic. 400 votes thrown out because of these two incidents. That is not right!

How selfish of them to DENY OUR RIGHTS, to just be able to vote on the issue. They should be ashamed of themselves! Were they that afraid it would pass if we were given our right to vote? If it were to pass in November we would've received TAX REVENUES in our county that would benefit ALL CITIZENS, including our children, not just them and their church.

These individuals have taken that chance away from us. They have denied the chance for more businesses to survive. They have denied the chance of monies that would have gone for education of our children. They have denied the chance of more tourist traffic that would help all our local businesses. They have denied the chance of possibly getting a hospital back, bringing more jobs in our area.

I can't believe that in 2008, we have such narrow minded, backwards thinking individuals, that we have witnessed this past week.

Lana Hamilton

Cherokee Village