Letter to the Editor

Wet/dry, let's keep it off the ballot

Friday, October 3, 2008

I have been following this "wet/dry" issue for Sharp County with interest. I have noticed that most of the "letters to the Editor" have been strongly in favor of putting the issue on the ballot.

I'd like to express an opinion for keeping it off the ballot. We moved here from cities where there were few restrictions on the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. We moved here in order to get away from such situations by moving to a dry county. We have seen first hand how the police have to patrol the areas around these "joints" especially on paydays. We have seen first hand how people who "Knew how to handle it" come home with no money for necessities and a strong inclination to abuse the spouse and children.

We moved here to get as far away from that atmosphere as we could get.

What concerns me is why do some choose to move into our community when they already know that we have a "dry county" and then want to spoil, what is to me a beautiful community, with "booze joints".

I say: If they wanted that kind of community they should have moved somewhere that already has "the stuff" rather than here and then trying to force me to put up with all of the "riff-raff" connected with the liquor industry.

Bud Johnson

Cherokee Village