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Poll Question Results - What do you think the legal beginning driving age should be?

Friday, October 3, 2008

What do you think the legal beginning driving age should be?

15: 7.6% (9 votes)

16: 44.1% (52 votes)

17: 10.2% (12 votes)

18: 28.8% (34 votes)

19 and above: 6.8% (8 votes)

Other, Please Comment: 2.5% (3 votes)

118 votes cast


Most kids are driving by the age of 15, so why not let them take the driving tests and be legal?

15 is a good age to drive. These kids grow up wanting things that parents can't give them on a small budget, so they need to work and to get to work, they need to drive.



I think 15 is to young because there are to many deaths involving teenagers because they are driving at a such early age to busy showing out driveing at a high rate of speed cell phones and texting and just being to irresponsible

i feel like it should be 18 because they are more mature and responsible. at age 14,15,16 children are more concerned with impressing friends with loud stereos loud vehicles and talking on cell phones.. Kids are not mature enough at 15, 16, or even 17 .Alot of children die who should not even have a permit yet.They dont pay good enoough attention to the road and the other drivers. They think everyone should look out for them. Alot of innocent lives could be saved by raising the driving age to 18.Driving should be considered a priveledge not a game.Like who can drive faster or who's stereo thumps the loudestor even who has the better car.`

because the kids under that age is like i said kids and they are too busy worrying about their friends and their cell phones and their radios and you look at how many kids are haveing wrecks and causeing them they think they know what they are doing and they travel at a high rate of speed and no i don't think kids under 18 should drive i am only 43 and i have kids my self and if they get tickets who do you think has to pay them any way it is not the ones that thought oh look at me i can drive pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

14, should be the legal driving age with a parent. I feel the more experience a young adult has behind the wheel before they can drive independantly the better.

because most teens start getting jobs at the age of 16 or 17 and they should be able to transport themselves back and forth to work. Also why change it now it doesnt need to be changed.