What a great daze!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's that time of year when weekend festivals can be found in almost every town in the Ozarks.

This past weekend I took an unplanned trip to Thayer and Myrtle. Thayer's Fall Festival was planned for Saturday evening and included the crowning of the Fall Festival King and Queen. Rgrettably, my schedule didn't allow me to attend the evening event but hopefully members of the Crescite Club will provide us with pictures of the winners.

A lot of activities were taking place around Oregon County this weekend. Carloads and carloads of Mighty Miters in full battle ready uniforms converged on the Thayer Elementary School either for a game or pictures, it was hard to tell which. I thought it was wonderful to see so many kids and parents enjoying the beautiful weather together. If the teams played, I hope they won. They sure seemed to have the energy needed to win a game.

From there I went over to the high school to see how the auditions were doing. Needless to say, there was a crowd waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

Michael Brown and Warren McCullough, said a line of people had already formed at 9 a.m. and by 11 a.m. they had auditioned 34 people, with the lines continuing throughout the day. McCullough and Brown said they were really pleased at the turnout of residents. They plan to start shooting the movie next year. It'll be fun watching area residents take part in this production. There's even a rumor that BigFoot may even be in it ... or not.

I then headed to Myrtle and the Yesterdaze celebration. Because I didn't know I would be covering the event until mid-morning, I didn't get there in time for the parade, but even though that would have been fun to photograph, there were so many things to do I still enjoyed attending and snapping some pictures for The South Missourian News.

This is a great festival this small community puts on. The people were friendly and some displayed some impressive handmade crafts. I would have loved to take a truck load home, but could only take what would fit in my bright yellow volkswagen.

I've never been to Yesterdaze before, but I really enjoyed it. I felt like I had joined a big family reunion complete with all the simple and fun family games that were played in yesterdays. Watching the wood splitting contest was fun and I especially cheered for Kathy Pettypool, the only woman in the contest. I admired her effort, especially since I don't have enough arm strength to even lift the splitting maul.

I wanted to watch the young kids do their version of the tractor pull but it was time for me to leave before it started.

This was a day of good old fashioned family fun. It is always great to see families out together enjoying the day and taking part in the simple things in life.

The food was great, from barbecue to fresh lemonade and funnel cakes, to wonderful homemade ice cream from the Spring Dipper. There was a long line at that booth the entire time I was there.

The singers were amazing. The Ozarks has some of the most beautiful voices in the country and to hear this pure singing outside under the blue skies makes it even more pure. The ones I heard did a great job.

Big John was at the front of the food line, but he was doing the serving so others could enjoy a great meal by the Myrtle Volunteer Fire Department. There was a lot of support for the department by the looks of the filled tables.

It was an enjoyable day and I am glad I got to share in it. There must be a lot of people who work very hard to organize this event each year -- it sure seemed to run smoothly. So, congratulations Myrtle on another successful event. It's the small towns like Myrtle that keep our Ozark heritage and family values alive and thriving.

I'm taking my husband and we're going back to the Myrtle area in a few weeks. It is a lovely drive and when the trees start turning, I imagine it is a sight to behold. What a beautiful area of the country we live in. We are blessed to be hillbillies!