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Cops build drug case one buy at a time

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An investigation headed by Investigators James Humphrey and Jimmy Carter with the 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force has led to the arrest of Wesley Blake Fisk, 52, of Mammoth Spring, for three counts of delivery of a controlled substance to sell.

According to the affidavit for probable cause for arrest written by Humphrey, the investigators worked in conjunction with a confidential informant in this case.

The informant told Humphrey the plan was to buy one ounce of marijuana, 20 Oxycontin and 30 Hydrocodone pills for $750. Fisk and the informant were to meet behind the Old Mammoth Spring Episcopal Church across the street from the Mammoth Spring City Park on April 14 of this year. The informant was given $750 in Fulton County drug funds and a body wire-transmitting device to wear during the deal.

The informant placed a call to Fisk confirming their arrangements at 1:38 p.m. The call was recorded. Both Carter and Humphrey followed the informant to the city park for surveillance and to monitor the recording of the drug deal. Fisk was already at the park waiting for the informant when he/she arrived at 1:45 p.m. Humphrey wrote in the affidavit, "The suspect talked a short time then the (informant) purchased what was thought to be 28 Oxycontin and 30 Hydrocodone using $700 of the Fulton County drug funds that had been provided to him/her. After purchasing the pills the (informant) discussed with suspect Fisk about purchasing other types of drugs and was told (then) by Fisk he could get anything he/she wanted." The transaction was complete at 1:53 p.m. and the informant gave the investigators two plastic non-prescription bottles of pills and $50 in Fulton County drug funds.

The investigators used the Internet resource IDENTADRUG to identify the pills. They turned out to be 26 Oxycodone pills and 30 Oxycodone-acetaminophen pills, although the deal was for 28 Oxycodone and 30 Hydrocodone pills.

Again, April 29, a similar transaction was made at a repair shop in Mammoth Spring. The informant met with Carter and Humphrey and told them that he/she was going to make another purchase from Fisk for one ounce of marijuana for $120. The informant was given $320 in Fulton County drug funds and a body wire-transmitting device. The investigators monitored the proceedings.

According to the affidavit, Fisk was "waiting in the parking lot beside a red GM SUV type vehicle." The informant purchased two baggies of marijuana which supposedly weighed one ounce for $120. The informant then asked Fisk if he could get some more pills for him/her. "Fisk told the (informant) that he could get several different kinds of pills such as methadone, morphine, oxycontin and other types. Suspect Fisk told the (informant) that he thought he could get some cocaine on Friday, May 2," Humphrey wrote.

When the investigators sent the marijuana to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory, they found that there was only 23.1 grams of marijuana in the baggies and not the one ounce as the informant wanted.

Another deal was made May 13 when the informant purchased 10, 40 mg Oxycontin pills with $200 of Fulton County drug funds. The arranged deal was again made at the Mammoth Spring City Park. An Arkansas State Crime Lab report said the pills were 10 Oxycodone tablets.

Fisk was arrested Oct. 11 and held in the Fulton County Jail until his court date Oct. 14. According to Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger, Fisk made his bail of $50,000 right after court. Fisk's pretrial is slated for Feb. 17.

The waiting period between Fisk's last offense date and his arrest was to protect the identity of the informant.

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