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Political signs being stolen

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jessie McDonald had four Obama signs stolen out of her yard recently. She said instead of buying more signs, her family decided to paint their own signs on a pump house and shed in their yard. Photo by Jan Thompson
AREA -- The past several weeks there has been a rash of political sign theft in the Mammoth Spring/Oregon County area.

"We moved here from California in 1999 to get away from this sort of thing," said Jessie McDonald. The McDonald family had four Obama signs stolen out of their yard the night of Oct. 19.

McDonald and her family live about 3-1/2 miles north of Thayer just off Highway 63.

McDonald said in the nine years she has lived here, she has never had anything in her yard bothered.

"I told my daughter they would probably use them for yard sale signs. They cost $4 each. We have been so happy here. No one has ever bothered us," she said.

Instead of buying more signs, the family painted their own political signs on the pump house and storage shed in the yard. "Try to steal this sign, sucker," one of the buildings said.

McDonald said she reported the sign stealing to the Thayer Police Department and they confirmed over the past several weeks more McCain and Obama signs have been stolen.

Both the Republican and Democratic party headquarters in the county have reported people coming into their offices reporting signs being stolen.

"We have no more McCain signs to sell and they won't let us have anymore because they are being stolen," said a spokesman at the Republican headquarters in Thayer.

The Democratic headquarters had a little bit different outlook on the situation. "We thank everyone that has stolen a sign. Several things have happened because of this. People are coming in and buying replacement signs. It helps replenish the coffers for our campaign," said Obama Committee Organizer Jenny Underwood.

Mammoth Spring Police Chief Michael Davis said some sign rearranging has been going on in his city. "They have been taking Obama signs and putting them where McCain signs are and vice-versa. I think we have got them all back where they are suppose to be," he said.

Thayer Police Chief David Bailey said three men in the Thayer area have been charged with stealing in connection with the missing signs. They are Zack Cobb, Ethan Gaines and Daniel Carpenter.

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