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Voters turn out for historic election

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Nov. 4 general election brought out a lot of voters in the area, even in small communities like Gepp. The polling station at the Gepp Fire Station was packed that evening. With one voting machine for the nearly 300 people in the community, it was a long wait. Photo by Emily McIntosh
An election graph with detailed results can be found at http://www.areawidenews.com/files/fc-ele...

The state of Arkansas saw record turnouts for voting in the general election on Nov. 4. Lines of voters could even be seen at the smallest polling sites.

About 991,682 voters in Arkansas came out to the polls, which is 58.88 percent of all registered voters (numbers are based on the U.S. Presidential/Vice Presidential results). In Fulton County, 61.95 percent of the total registered voters cast their ballots. Izard County also had a good voter turnout of 63.57 percent.

Although presidential candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin beat Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Arkansas by about a 20 percent margin, most people, by now, know Barack Obama and his running mate won in the national polls.

Fulton County had similar results as the state on presidential candidates. Of the 4,736 voters who cast their ballots, 57.78 percent were for McCain and 38.9 percent were for Obama while 3.32 percent voted for other candidates. Izard County also liked McCain better than Obama at 61.14 percent to 34.4 percent.

All five issues on the ballot in Arkansas passed. Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 passed with 73.39 percent of voters for and 26.61 percent against. The amendment concerns voting, qualifications of voters and election officers and the time of the general election. In Fulton County, voters were 66.87 percent for the amendment and 33.13 percent against. Izard County voted for the amendment 70.79 percent to 29.21 percent.

Arkansas also passed Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2. This amendment requires the General Assembly to meet every year. The amendment passed 69.41 percent for and 30.59 percent against. Fulton County voters were 63.34 percent for and 36.66 percent against. The results in Izard County for this amendment were 66.56 percent for and 33.44 percent against.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3 passed as well. The amendment allows a state lottery that will fund scholarships for college students attending two- and four-year colleges and universities in Arkansas. The amendment passed 62.9 percent to 37.1 percent. Voters in Fulton County voted 62.43 percent to 37.57 percent for the amendment. The Arkansas General Assembly will run and manage the lottery. It is not yet determined how the lottery will be carried out. Izard County liked the proposed lottery as well, 60.38 percent to 39.62.

Proposed Initiative Act No. 1, which bans unmarried couples from adopting and fostering children, also passed in Arkansas 56.95 percent to 43.05 percent. Fulton County voters passed the initiative 66.16 percent to 33.84. The initiative also passed in Izard County, 63.34 percent to 36.66 percent.

Referred Question No. 1 concerned water bonds for various sewer and water projects. This issue also passed statewide 65.25 percent to 34.75 percent. In Fulton, 52.27 were for the water bonds and 47.74 were against. Izard County also voted for the water bonds, 59.45 percent to 40.55 percent.

U.S. Senator Mark Pryor won against Rebekah Kennedy for the U.S. Senate in Arkansas, 79.41 percent to 20.59 percent. Pryor won 77.65 percent to 22.35 percent in Fulton County and 75.07 percent to 24.93 percent in Izard County.

Fulton County had a county judge race with incumbent Judge Charles Willett as the winner against Teresa Justice. Willett won 73.97 percent to Justice's 26.03 percent.

Gracie D. Brown was the winner against William Duane Barber for the city of Viola's Alderman, Position Four race. In Viola, 63.48 percent of voters chose Brown while 36.52 voted for Barber.

Izard County had several important races as well. Rayburn Finley won 97.16 percent against write-in candidate Rudolf Liscomb's vote of 2.84 percent for Izard County judge.

Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence won 68.28 percent of votes against Walter Roy Hagan's 31.72 percent for Izard County sheriff.

In the Justice of the Peace for District 2 in Izard County, James Simmons won against write-in candidate, Thomas Rushin. Simmons won 93.4 percent to 6.6 percent.

Neil Olan won the Justice of the Peace race for District 5. He won 50.64 percent to Clovis Vest's 49.36 percent.

For constable of the Jefferson township, James A. Griffin won 88.86 percent to write-in, James Davis' vote of 11.14 percent.

Franklin had a race for recorder/treasurer. Stevie Smith won 77.42 percent to Darlene Folyer's 22.58 percent.

The town of Guion also had a recorder/treasurer race. Tammy Sellers won 73.17 percent to Stephanie Siau's 26.83 percent.

Horseshoe Bend's ordinance number 2008-10, which allows for urban cross-bow deer hunting, was passed. The ordinance passed 60.57 percent to 39.43 percent. The city council will decide on how the hunt will be conducted.

All voting results are unofficial as of Nov. 10. To view an updated list online, go to www.arelections.org.

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