Letter to the Editor

Why compressed natural gas is needed now

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please, do not get comfortable with the low gas prices you are paying now. Our enemies are just waiting for the day when our new president will have to make a special trip to the Mid-East and beg them to supply us with more oil. These are the same people that are using our money to buy our weapons so that they can shoot us. Just wait until it costs $100 every time to fill up your car.

Why CNG? Compressed natural gas (CNG) is 99 percent cleaner than gasoline. So clean, you can't even commit suicide in your own garage running it in your CNG car. So clean, that you won't have to change the oil in your car but for every 10,000-25,000 miles and the octane rating is rated at 120 plus.

Natural gas is running through pipes everywhere, crisscrossing the entire USA. And, millions of jobs could be created to localize those pipe lines to get them into public pumping stations. For decades tens of millions of people have been using natural gas to heat their homes and cook their meals. And now, (actually CNG has been around a long time) with special pumps that compress natural gas you can use it in your car. In fact, you can buy a small pumping unit that can compress NG at home to fill your car. (Clean Energy makes these pumps for home use, it's called the "PHILL.") Next spring, Toyota is coming out with a hybrid CNG Camry and Honda has been selling their GX Civic since 2000. And, we need cars and pickup trucks to be converted to CNG. But Congress passed a bill in 2000 making it so expensive to get an EPA certification on every make and model vehicle for converting to duel fuel (gasoline and CNG). More jobs could be created serving these conversions. Natural gas does not have to be refined. Yes, it needs to be filtered and compressed, nor does it have to be delivered, it's in pipes that are already in the ground.

CNG will stay cheap (cngprices.com) because of the competition hundreds, if not thousands, of NG companies will compete to get your business and they are located right here in the U.S. of A.

Americans are the most resilient people and live in the greatest in the world, so, we need to do something now. Join the Pickens Army (pickensplan.com) and write, fax, call or e-mail your congressmen to get the necessary tax credits and infrastructure to get going on CNG now. (cngnow.com)

Thomas P.J. White

(formerly Wojtkiewicz)