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FC Quorum Court says no to street name change

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fulton County Treasurer Larry Humphries' last time to go to the Fulton County Quorum Court meeting as treasurer was Dec. 8.

The court wished Humphries farewell with a cake donated by Jackie Gooch of Viola and coffee at the meeting in the courthouse.

Humphries has served the county first as Fulton County Assessor and then as treasurer for about 20 years and will be passing the torch on to Donna Hall.

Spurred on by those on the quorum court, Humphries gave a short speech. "I appreciate working with every one of you," Humphries said. "I've enjoyed most of it. It's been challenging at times."

"I will miss it," Humphries said. "but I'm ready to move on and I plan on doing that."

After the approval of the minutes, David Keck of the 9-1-1 dispatch in Fulton County discussed the name change of Ridge Crest Road around Nine Mile Ridge. There are two residences on the road.

Keck explained that about four years ago, before Fulton County had a 9-1-1 system, Sharp County got a 9-1-1 call from a person living down Ridge Crest Road in Fulton County (this was before the 9-1-1 prefixes were changed). Keck said, there happens to be another Ridge Crest Road in Sharp County that emergency personnel used. He said the mix-up delayed emergency response time by about an hour.

Keck said he found out about this incident about a year ago when Fulton County was putting in the 9-1-1 system. A Mr. Von, the person whose house emergency personnel were trying to get to, contacted Keck. Keck said he told Mr. Von that nothing like what happened to him four years ago could happen again now that Fulton County has a 9-1-1 system.

"I assured him (Mr. Von) it can't happen again," Keck said. "If he picks up the phone and dials 9-1-1, it comes to us now. It doesn't go to Sharp County. It'll be handled (properly). And, he really wanted to change the road name at that time."

Keck said he told Mr. Von that there are proper channels to go through to have the name of the road changed.

Keck said now Sharon Matthis has taken the matter up on behalf of the Vons. He said he gave Matthis a petition form to get the name of the road changed, even though he said he really didn't think changing the name of the road was necessary anymore. Keck said on the petition were guidelines for renaming a road, which he highlighted for Matthis. "It said that we could not have any duplicates, sound alikes, first or last names," Keck said. "And when she sent back the petition for the road name, she keeps insisting that it will be Von Road. I cannot name this Von Road because it's against what I've been told to do. If you guys (the quorum court) want to approve this, we can approve this and name it Von Road, but it's not what I've been told to do. There have been others in the past that have requested the same thing. I told them this is how it's been set down for me to get done. They were understanding and picked another name. This one refuses to do so. So, I said I would leave it with you guys (the quorum court)."

Keck said it would cost the county some money to get the name of the road changed on the digital road maps. "We paid $2,500 to get the digital road maps made," Keck said. "It's going to cost us a couple hundred dollars just to get the digital map changed, and it'll be years before the paper maps ever catch up." Keck said all the appropriate records would have to be changed as well.

"I think Mr. Von is willing to pay $500 or something," Marge Rodgers, a member of the quorum court said.

"I quoted him at $500. It probably should have been $1,500, really," Keck said. "Like I said, this is unnecessary for one thing. It's nothing but a vanity thing for a resident. There's no practical reason to do this."

Keck said Matthis had argued that there are other towns and counties who name roads after people. "She's absolutely correct. There are plenty of cities who name streets after people. It happens everywhere, but the reason that we have it this way for this county is that Von Road sign is even a better souvenir than it was before it was Ridge Crest."

Fulton County has a problem with people stealing road signs, and Keck said that anyone who had the name Von would want to have that sign. "This road sign thing is a nightmare anyway," Keck said.

"Would there be any problem in putting 'Fulton' behind 'Ridge Crest'? Would that help any?" Fulton County Justice of the Peace Lynn Guffey asked.

Keck said everything works as it is now. "I've simulated them (the Vons) calling 9-1-1 through the system," Keck said. "It shows exactly where their house is. There's no question where it's at anymore."

The quorum court voted 7-1 to keep the road named Ridge Crest Road.

The quorum court then discussed financial matters. The court agreed to transfer money from the county's fire and extended coverage and concrete in the total amount of $7,388.06 to tires and tubes.

The court also agreed to move $22,000 from bridge and lumber to fuel.

They also agreed to transfer $20,000 from gravel and sand to repair parts.

Fulton County Judge Charles Willett told the court that FEMA gave the county $265,000. The court agreed to appropriate $214,585.80 back into the 318 account.

Money in the amount of $652.27 was moved from the EQ board to the assessor's salary.

The court also approved the civil defense salary for next year.

Money totaling $1,368 was transferred from the county judge's contract to the county building.

The 9-1-1 salary also received $782.84 from the contract out of 9-1-1.

The court also appropriated $100 for breathilizer tests out of the breathilizer account to finish out the rest of the year.

The developing Fulton County Recreation Complex also received some money from the court in the amount of $10.92 for supplies and $1,250 for professional service fees.

There was also an amount of money appropriated from the clerk's office to the roofing project which was paid out of the wrong account. The court corrected the error.

The court also appropriated $237,563.39 for ordinance 2008-16.

The next Fulton County Quorum Court meeting is scheduled for Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. in the courthouse.

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