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Beware of possible scam operating in area

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cherokee Village Planning and Zoning employee Liz Keel and Building Inspector Charles DeLoach feel there is reason to warn the citizens of Cherokee Village and the surrounding areas.

According to DeLoach, they have had some recent activity reported that is less than honest. DeLoach said the scam is, a person will call for an estimate on a job, and a company will send someone out to give an estimate, which is fine, but then the same company will send two different people out at separate times to give bids on the same job ensuring that they get the job. DeLouch refers to this as stair-stepping the bids, meaning they are all different, but the lowest one is usually still more than what should be paid for the job.

"As times get harder I suspect we will see more and more of this," DeLoach said.

"We are here to protect the people from this sort of thing," Keel added. Keel said if a Cherokee Village resident, or a resident from the surrounding area, plans on having work done, she advises the resident to call Cherokee Village City Hall and speak with someone from Planning and Zoning. She said they are happy to recommend contractors who have good standing with the city. "That is what we are here for," she said.

DeLoach said if someone comes knocking at your door offering to give a bid on a job without you calling them, that is a warning sign. He also discourages residents from paying up front unless the resident knows the contractor personally. "If the worker needs money for materials, go and buy them yourself and bring them back," DeLoach said.

Planning and Zoning also recommends calling before starting any home remodels to see if a permit is needed and if the job requires a contractor, ask the contractor if they have a permit to work in Cherokee Village. Planning and Zoning can tell residents if a contractor that is licensed with the city has any outstanding complaints.

As far as contractors go, Planning and Zoning said all businesses/occupation permits need to be renewed before March 31. New contractors need to apply for a business/occupation permit before conducting business in the city limits.

Planning and Zoning meetings are the first Monday of each month at 1 p.m. They are held at Cherokee Village City Hall and the public is welcome to attend. Planning and Zoning can be contacted at 870-257-5522.

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