Hardy City Hall is back home

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hardy Mayor Nina Thornton was excited to be back in the Hardy City Hall building after almost a year of working in the cramped fire station office.

"It's so clean and nice," Thornton said about the newly remodeled office. During the March 3 city council meeting the council voted to purchase some new rugs and a copy machine for the building.

Thornton said the old copy machine finally gave out which forces them to have to purchase a new one.

Thornton also announced that there will be an open house for the new City Hall office after the March 24 council meeting. "We want to invite everyone to come and enjoy our newly renovated office," she said.

The council also discussed the variance that was given to Bob Zeiger after the 2006 flood. The variance gave Zeiger permission to reside on another piece of property while damages were repaired or recovered from the flood.

The variance was a two year variance and expires April 17. The council felt there had been enough time for the resident to recover from the flood, which resulted in their vote to uphold the variance expiration date.

"Whoever is living up there (on the property granted in the variance) will have to move," Thornton said. "Someone else owns that property."

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