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Youth Summit brings students together for learning experience

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One activity at the Summit inluded a can of ABC soup. Teams helped a blind-folded team mate spell as many words as possible with the soup letters. Photo submitted
Then 10th annual Oregon County Youth Summit was held March 18 at the Thayer Church of Christ.

Coordinators for the event were Paula Miller from Ozark Action; Jenny Flatt from the University of Missouri Extension; Becky Bassett from the University of Missouri Extension in Oregon County; and Toby Atkinson, from Ozark Action in Howell County.

Twelve students (juniors) were picked from each of the four schools in Oregon County, Alton, Couch, Koshkonong and Thayer.

Alton students that participated in the summit are: Ethan Williams, Lizzie Rogers, John Ray, Chase Hollis, Thomas Prill, Jessica Chewning, Cody Lager, Cindy Davis, Courtney Hollis, Aubrey Hardy, Kayla Davis and Nate Combs. The Alton School sponsors were Greg Britten and Robert Kreutzer.

Couch students that participated in the Summit are: Anthony Deckard, Emily Proffitt, Candy Vizza, Zac King, Aminta Garrison, Brittany Melton, Chris Taylor, Logan McGhee, Emily Bridges, Megan Taylor, Emily Howard, Tim Voss, Michelle Johnson and Courtney White. The Couch School sponsor was Tiffany Flynn.

Koshkonong students that participated in the summit are: Brittney Alsup Jessica Brashear, Kylah Freyermuth, Ashley Jones, Tabitha Lundy, Josey Scott, Megan Talbert, Sabrina Prince, Jeffery Tignor and Ethan Ulmanis. The Koshkonong sponsors were Ruby Collins and Cynde Wyatt.

Thayer students that participated in the summit are: Miranda Webber, Madalyn King, Lauren Taylor, Shelby Sutherland, Tommy Martin, Jesse Wanlinger, Sarah Jewell, Greg Fuller, Garrett Brewer, Gabbi Madden, Tony Ary, Leslie Caldwell and Thomas Weeks. Thayer School sponsors where Becky Brewer and April Mills.

They were divided into four different colored teams mixing students from each of the four school districts.

The students participated in many team activities during the one day summit.

One such activity was a School Energy Audit. Each student selected, worked with a teacher from their school and did an Energy School Audit.

"The teachers guided them through the energy audit process. The energy audit will last from fall to spring," Bassett said.

The students collected data through accounting and an audit of their school. The data was analyzed. The students then made recommendations regarding their findings, such as turning off lights and computers.

Another team activity the students enjoyed was called the Scrabble Soup. "This is where we dumped cans of ABC soup on a table. We blindfolded a student in a team and they were supposed to make as many words as they could with the soup letters. The other students on the team were not blind folded and had to lead and guide them. This helped improve cooperating as a team," Bassett said.

The four teams also competed in a debate. The debate was over should Oregon County switch over to a four day work/school week because of energy costs? This would mean longer school day hours but off one day a week.

Pro for the debate was the Thayer/Koshkonong team and the cons were the Alton/Couch team.

Both teams presented good arguments.

The pros said:

* There would be savings on energy.

* They would have three school days off in a row.

* If they chose they could be open longer hours to serve the public.

The cons said:

* Child care will be needed longer for younger children while not in school and parents are working.

* Longer school year/days.

* Safety concerns due to traveling in early morning or late evening.

The Thayer/Koshkonong team won the debate.

"I think the summit is a great idea. A special thanks goes to Paula Miller who has helped coordinate the summit for the past 10 years. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet other students and work as a team," Bassett said.

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