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Author gives lessons on anger

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No matter how mellow or reserved we think we are, or claim to be, we experience the emotion of anger.

Whether it be a simple inconvenience at the grocery store, or that annoying driver in front of you, that spike in adrenalin flares, which often triggers the feelings of anger.

Physiological responses to anger include an increase in the heart rate, perspiration increases, the face becomes flushed, the nostrils flare and the jaw tends toward clenching.

A seminar by Dr. Lindsey Garmon, author of the book "Controlling the Fires of Anger," was held in Ash Flat, March 21-22 .

Dr. Garmon's four part seminar included, "The Fires of Anger are Burning in Our Culture" and "Causes and Consequences of the Fires of Anger" on Saturday.

Sessions covering the subjects of "Dealing with Anger in Marriage and the Home" and a sermon "Putting out the Fires of Anger," were presented Sunday.

Dr. Garmon attained his doctorate of ministry from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas, and presented this material as a study guide to help individuals better understand anger and steps available to assist in the control of anger.

Dr. Garmon said, "So much of the terminologys we use to describe anger is related to heat and fire; we talk about being "hot under the collar." Just think about terminology that is anger related and so much of it is related to fire, so I called the book, 'Controlling the Fires of Anger.'"

A doctoral program first prompted the study which led to the publication of the book.

Dr. Garmon said, "With the publication of the book have come invitations. I am finding that across the culture, people are recognizing that anger is very pervasive.

"It seems to be a growing problem.

"Churches are now recognizing the problem and are doing what this church in Ash Flat has done, which is provide a weekend seminar to help understand the dynamics of anger and then understand biblical principles as to how we can manage and control our anger in a proper way," he said.

With many anger management classes and techniques available from different sources, Dr. Garmon feels that his faith/biblicaly based program is unique in its ability to assist the common person to recognize how anger is affecting their body, their mind and spirit.

Understanding and recognizing triggers of anger allows the individual to develop "Mad Skills" and develop successful steps to control that anger, Garmon said.

As stated in the seminar brochure, "Anger is one letter short of danger."

The book "Controlling the Fires of Anger," is available for sale through the Web site: http://www.toolsforministry.net/store/Ws... or by contacting Steve Summers, 560 Ash Flat Drive, Ash Flat, AR 72513, or phone 870-994-2430.

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