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Band receives funds

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mammoth Spring First Baptist Church Pastor Jim Lemonds recently presented Mammoth Spring School Band Instructor Morgan Haney with a check for $1,600. The church is building a new building and is paying the school $1,600 for the use of school facilities this June. A group called Carpenters for Christ will volunteer their time to build a new First Baptist Church and needed a place to stay. Lemonds asked the school if the money could be used in the band department.
MAMMOTH SPRING -- Call it a miracle if you want. Paster Jim Lemonds went from having no cell phone service to having cell phone service. This is how Pastor Jim Lemonds learned he and his congregation at the Mammoth Spring First Baptist Church were going to receive help, lots of help, building their new church.

"After the ice storm, myself and a small group of men were cutting wood at an elderly couple's house between here and Hardy. We had not had any cell phone service while we had been working there. All of a sudden my cell phone rang and I had service," Lemonds said.

The call was from Julian Newman, organizer of Carpenters for Christ from Talladega, Fla.

"He said he understood we were building a church and needed help. I had already contacted some smaller volunteer groups, but the scheduling was just not working out. It seemed Carpenters for Christ was just what we were looking for and needed," he said.

June 11-17, 160 men will volunteer their expertise to help build the exterior of the new church completely free. "They should be to the drywall stage by the time they leave," Lemonds said.

The pastor's next concern was where his church was going to house 160 men for nearly a week.

"I turned to the school. I attended their February school board meeting in hopes that they might let us borrow the gym and use their cafeteria for the Carpenters for Christ while they were here working on our church," he said.

"Pastor Lemonds approached Superintendent Ron Taylor and the board with his request. Legally, the school cannot donate any portion of the school for anything like that," said high school principal Brian Davis.

"Mr. Taylor started figuring and the board decided they could rent the portions of the school the group needed for $200 a day. "That would include utilities, the kitchen, janitorial services, everything they would need. They supply their own food and other needed items," Davis said.

This story is not over, far from it.

It just so happened that Mammoth Spring School Band Instructor Morgan Haney was at the same school board meeting asking for revenue to buy needed equipment for her department.

"She brought in a very organized proposal which was a three or four year plan. She explained it was what her band department needed to help make a strong band program," Davis said.

Items that Haney would like to see purchased for the band include uniforms, instruments, carriers and drum sets among other things.

This gave Pastor Lemonds an idea. "We decided to ask the school if they would give the $200 a day the church was going to pay for the use of their facilities for the Carpenters for Christ to the band department. They agreed," Lemonds said.

Haney said she could not believe her good fortune. "In all, over the three to five year period I was asking for around $15,000. This $1,600 will go a long way toward some needed items in the band department. It will really help," she said.

Davis said three good things happened in one. The Mammoth Spring First Baptist Church is going to get help building their new church; the school is going to get to help a group of Christian men helping the community; and the band is going to get $1,600 they didn't have and needed.

The church is now at Sixth and Bethal Street in Mammoth Spring and can hold approximately 180 people. The new church will be constructed on Highway 9 on property already owned by the church. When completed it will seat 300 people.

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