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Blunt speaks at Lincoln Day event

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congressman Roy Blunt was a guest at Alton's Lincoln Day event. Blunt is running against Robin Carnahan for the senate. Photo by Emily McIntosh
Congressman Roy Blunt was a guest at Alton's Lincoln Day event at the Community Worship Center April 18.

Many area politicians, including Public Administrator Mike Crawford, Sen. Chuck Purgason, Judge Dale Evans, Heather Pue, a representative for JoAnne Emerson, and Rep. Mike Dethrow attended the meeting and spoke about adding strength to the Republican Party. Wendell Bailey acted as master of ceremonies for the event.

Tea bags were laid out on tables and given out at the registration table to symbolize the outcry against British taxation at the Boston Tea Party in 1773. This new tea party was to protest the current taxes placed on U.S. citizens to bail out companies and on new tax laws.

Many of these TEA (Taxed Enough Already) parties were held around courthouses and city halls across the nation April 15, which is traditionally known as tax day.

Bailey, as he was introducing Crawford to the stage, said, "There's really something that's very important that happened, of course, in Oregon County politics and that is there are now two Republicans in the courthouse." A wave of applause erupted at the announcement.

Bailey and Crawford both spoke of elected officials needing to have morals and ethics, which are guiding values for doing things right.

Evans is from Carter County where recently a man trying to commit suicide flew a small plane from Canada and landed it in Carter County, Mo. "He was coming down to visit," Evans jokingly said.

Speaking of elected officials needing ethics to guide them, Evans related what he had heard at a meeting he attended recently. He said a man had spoken about the first line of the Boy Scout oath. "If you don't know the first line of the Boy Scout oath, the first line (is), 'On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty, to God and my country.' And, then, he posed a question, 'What if every day every one, every employee, every employer, every person who went to work made that pledge and then they kept it, wouldn't that business almost inevitably get better and better and better?' So, I pose to you the same question. What if every judge, what if every politician, every day, every morning, got up and pledged 'to do my duty with honor to God and my country' and then kept that promise? I think we'd have a lot better country today, and we'd certainly have a good country in the future," Evans said.

Evans also said it is important for politicians to get out in their communities and act by doing community service and thinking of projects that can better serve their area.

When Dethrow spoke, he said he went to a local gun show. "I went down to the gun show this morning," Dethrow said. "The place was full. I can't believe how much ammunition costs, though. Since Obama became president, I cannot believe it. It's more than doubled. You can't even find it. In years past, you'd go down there and there was plenty of ammunition for sale."

Blunt was in Alton to promote support as he runs for senator. His predecessor is Sen. Kit Bond.

"Kit Bond has worked hard for our state," Blunt said. "Nobody competes harder for Missouri than Kit Bond has. I always saw Kit as the nuts-and-bolts guy."

Robin Carnahan, a Democrat, will be running against Blunt for the senate seat.

Blunt said he supports labor unions that protect workers, but Democrats are wanting union members to do away with secret ballots and have a card check instead. "There's something really wrong with not protecting the people in the workplace with a secret ballot," Blunt said.

Blunt said he is against having a national energy tax because people are already hurting with the slow economy and job losses.

"Anything is possible, but it's only possible if the American people are bigger than the American government," Blunt said. "If I win this election, I will fight for you every single day."

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