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Natural healing interests many

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Gus Reynolds and Nancy Williams demonstrate their Digital Pulse Wave Analyzer machine used for early detection of arterial wall irregularities on Cave City Fire Chief Ronnie Milligan's wife Maretta. Photo by Tammy Curtis
In the wake of many drug company recalls as well as the overall move to go green, the benefits of natural health remedies are becoming more appealing to many health conscious consumers.

For this reason, retired Edgemont medical doctor Gus Reynolds and his wife Nancy, came out of retirement to endorse alternative nutritional methods that utilizes natural ingredients and to work to make the public aware of these options.

Because every 33 seconds someone dies from heart disease, Dr. Reynolds researched a lot of the causes and began advocating products that contain arginine.

According to the "Health Journal," the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists whose studies centered on a molecule called nitric oxide, the source of which is L-arginine. This is one of natures naturally occurring amino acids. Nitric oxide is involved in nearly every response a cell has in the human body by the way it interacts with all body systems. These interactions make nitric oxide or lack of it a factor in nearly every disease. The natural production of this molecule decreases with age, heart disease and diabetes. In some cases the body may not even produce nitric oxide as a result of a person being on prescribed drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco.

If the body is lacking the nitric oxide that comes from argenine, the arteries begin to spasm, in turn lowering the circulation in vital arteries. As a result, the cells do not get the needed energy and can not perform their vital functions. Vegetables and high fat, high cholesterol red meats are the primary dietary sources of this amino acid, but even with this in the diet one would have to consume 13 servings a day to get the recommended amount of arginine.

Taken in the recommended dosages over time arginine can help control blood pressure and plaque formation in the arteries that leads to heart disease. It can also enhance memory and reverse the effects of dementia. Arginine also reduces blood clots that, in turn, can lower the risk for heart attack or stroke.

This powerful amino acid is available in a liquid form as a supplement that is mixed with water and the benefits are numerous. Further information about the way the body can benefit from arginine are available at www.drinkarginine.com

Dr. Gus genuinely cares about his patients and their health and endorses arginine products.

At a recent visit to the Cave City Fire Department he and his wife performed cardiovascular screenings on patients to determine arterial wall stiffness and the biological age of arteries. The testing device is simple and non-evasive and takes less than a minute. It is done on the FDA cleared Digital Pulse Wave (DPA) Analyzer. It measures changes in pressure and the flow of blood. The results are printed on a paper much the same as a cardiogram. Mrs. Reynolds then carefully explains the results of the screening to patients.

Dr. Gus believes that by screening for risk factors of cardio and vascular disease, potential problems can be addressed before they become a problem.

He believes that many medicines have side effects that can be greater than the good they are doing for the body and that nutritional supplements and a healthy diet and exercise can lower the amount of medications a person has to take.

As a doctor, Dr. Gus does not advocate going off of any medicines but does feel that there are nutritional alternatives that may benefit patients. Lifestyle and diet modifications coupled with natural supplements are far less expensive and made from natural, not chemical ingredients.

Dr. Gus and his wife do these tests and offer products to the public at various locations, for more information about arginine or a screening schedule contact Maretta Milligan or visit the Web site to learn more about natural healing www.ahwc.net.

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