Letter to the Editor

Praise for local businesses

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I would like to commend all of the people who work for Progressive Home Care and Therapy Works on the good job they do.

I had left knee replacement surgery in Mountain Home on Feb. 18. The surgeon I had, recommended home health therapy for about three weeks after I got home. I received excellent care from Progressive during that time. The nurses and therapists were very good and very professional.

After the three weeks at home, I then went to Therapy Works out on the four lane to finish my therapy. They are very professional there, yet, they make it pleasant while you are doing your therapy.

We may not have hospitals close to us, but we are fortunate to have good places close by to get our therapy so we don't have to drive miles for it.

I would recommend these two places to anyone who needs therapy.

Jim Kipfer

Cherokee Village